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The best part (and thing I love the most) about Primer is our community. You guys are thoughtful and support each other and uniquely positive as far as internet comment sections go!

But you also help contribute to great deal finds and product picks, helping steer other readers toward buys they'll be happy with. Below are 11 recs Primer readers contributed in the comments of articles.

mark nason knit sneakers

“Have to agree on the knit sneakers; I rolled the dice on a pair in my Prime Wardrobe box and had to keep them. Had no idea that they'd instantly clean up about 70% of my looks when going out with my wife or having a distinctly intentional flavor to summer casual.

I picked up a pair of Mark Nason knit sneakers on Amazon – haven't regretted them one bit. Easy to walk in, pretty comfortable and look great with some no-show socks both in a cropped jean or with some shorts.”

bio– Ryan Clements

Mix & Match: Late Summer Casual and Minimalist Lookbook [13 Outfit Combos]

jcrew dock shorts

“Dock shorts seem like a summer mainstay for me, as I’ve just been on a week long in country getaway, and I seemingly always reached for my drawstring shorts.”

“J.Crew do a good pair called the dock short. They’ve also available at J.Crew Factory.

Also if you don’t mind a 7 inch inseam Gap do a few good pairs.

I definitely feel your pain though, too many brands have made drawstring shorts exclusively in tech materials, that can’t be dressed up.”

reader bio– Zac Silk

8 Essential Innovations That Make Hot Summers More Bearable / The Getup: Sepia Tone

dan henry

“Don’t forget Dan Henry. They have several chronographs in different styles. I’ve been wanting a chronograph for a while and I snagged the Dan Henry 1962 recently. It’s got a mechaquartz movement (same as the above referenced SSB031), meaning the chronograph hand acts like a mechanical watch would but it’s powered by a battery.”

“Quality is great. It’s fantastic value for the money. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better chronograph out there for under $300. If you’re not familiar with the brand or the man behind it, Dan Henry, I’d highly recommended checking it out.”

“I highly recommend that or any of his other chronographs if you’re like me and love the chronograph look but can’t swing getting a mechanical one. I’m also eyeing the Straton Classic or Daily Drivers and the Geckota C01. Both have mechaquartz movements.”

reader photo– TJ

What is a Chronograph Watch and How Do You Use It?

office chair

“I probably spent more time researching a chair than I should have, aiming for a middle-ground between cheap & uncomfortable and expensive & ergonomic. Check out the ‘Laura Davidson' SOHO chairs. Mine arrives in another week, I'll update then.”

“Update – received the ‘soho' chair yesterday (fabric version) and assembled in ~10 minutes. Super comfy. Wheel castors are metal, not plastic, giving it a solid feel. Gotta say I'm a big fan so far.”

author bio– Brett W.

The Ultimate Work From Home Space: 27 Productivity, Body Movement, and Style Upgrades to 10x Your Setup

left field atlas

“Left Field NYC has a ‘lifter's fit' called The Charles Atlas. It fits my 33″ waist and 26″ thighs beautifully. Selvedge denim, decent price. The two pairs I own have become my favorite pairs of jeans ever.”

– Jonathan Johnson

Denim Hacks for Guys with Muscular Thighs – Updated 2020

canvas sneakers with leather laces

“One of the best investments I made 10 years ago was getting a solid pair of leather laces. Throw those on some white canvas shoes, and it immediately helps dress them up. Maybe the best $4 bucks I've ever spent?”

reader image– Theo

8 Ways To Undermine Business Casual (While Respecting The Office Dress Code)

old navy shorts

“MY favorite shorts are from Old Navy. They're made with a soft technical fabric that looks great and doesn't have the telltale “swish” a lot of fabrics have. Quick-drying and almost never get wrinkles. I've worn them to theme parks and tailgates and everything in between.

Their only sin is they are a – sit down for this – 10-inch inseam! After the required tailor visit, they're perfect.

avatar– Browneagle44

Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Shorts – Updated

“re: Those J. Crew Tech Pants. I bought one pair when they were on sale, slightly dubious that I would like the stretchy material. OMG, that pair was so comfortable that I ordered two more. If I didn't have SO many chinos in my closet I would order more, with all the color choices. Lightweight, so they're perfect for Houston summers.”

author bio– openmind

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jcrew pants

silicone wedding rings

“Having tried a number of silicone rings, those Thunderfits are excellent. My 7-pack cost me $6.86 and I already like them more (at less than $1 a ring) than my standalone rings that were $5+ each. Great rings.”

avatar– Ryan N

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“You might love these from prAna as much as me. 5 pockets, incredibly lightweight fabric for summer, looks nice enough for dinner or moisture wicking if you’re poolside. 9” is perfect inseam for me (6’1”).”

– Cory

Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Shorts – Updated

shoe cream

“I own the CH sneakers and love them but they scratch SUPER easy. If you buy these you’re going to want some polish to match. I use Moneysworth scotch shoe polish.”

avatar– JD

The Brown Leather Sneaker: Summer Sneakers for Boot Guys – 10 Picks

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