8 Essential Innovations That Make Hot Summers More Bearable

8 Essential Innovations That Make Hot Summers More Bearable
This could be the hottest summer on record… Here's how to use smart upgrades to manage heat and sweat.
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What is this?

We just had our hottest January in 141 years and are on track for a record-setting summer of scorching temps, according to the Weather Channel

With hot weather comes … sweaty, swampy conditions on your way to work, the gym, or a night out. Thanks to some innovative brands, however, it doesn’t have to be the sahara in your shorts. 

New Innovations Can Keep You Fresher Than Ever

Sweating through your shirt … humid conditions in your pants … no one wants to be uncomfortable all summer. 

Thankfully, advances in clothing design, fabrics, antiperspirants, and a whole lot more mean you don’t have to be. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 8 brands and products that will help you stay your freshest during the warmest months of the year, no matter the hot, humid conditions.


What do military personnel, professional athletes, and MMA fighters all have in common? They all operate in hot, high stress environments full of body friction – and they can't be distracted by the need to readjust.

Sheath tops our list because their patented dual pouch boxer brief design is engineered expressly to manage moisture in the part of the body most affected by hot, humid conditions. 

Founder Robert Patton was deployed to Iraq when he created the first prototype for Sheath boxer briefs. Desperate to manage moisture in superheated, demanding conditions, Patton’s key insight was to eliminate skin-on-skin contact between the various elements of the male anatomy. 

sheath prototype invented by robert patton
Patton’s prototype, created while serving in Iraq

It’s a smart strategy. Consider this: the human body emits approximately 350,000 Joules of energy per hour – that’s about the same as a 100 watt light bulb. Add the external heat and humidity of summer and you’re basically a walking Instant Pot. 

Since humans discharge the majority of our excess heat via sweating, it’s crucial to separate body parts when possible. Sheath’s design beats the heat by creating space for airflow and using the right fabric for moisture wicking that, together, prevents runaway humidity.

men's pouch underwear
Trusted by military personnel, professional athletes, and MMA fighters

Primer has field tested Sheath boxer briefs at the gym, on the playing field, at work, and out on the town and the concept works: they really do help keep you drier, fresher, and (as a result) less stinky at the end of the day. 

An Innovative, Premium Product At The Right Price 

Another reason we recommend Sheath: their pricing is cheaper than other premium underwear, and you’re getting a truly functional, original product as part of the bargain. 

In addition to the highly wicking modal cotton/spandex blend, Sheath boxer briefs look good – the waistbands are well-designed, the stitching is precise, and the overall construction quality is what you’d demand from nice underwear. 

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Next Generation Body Powder

Not all body powders are created equal – and they’re definitely not all baby powder. Traditional talc body powders can clump, have uncertain health side effects, and don't last as long as they're needed.

Sheath + Chassis are the ultimate one-two punch for down-there moisture management. Chassis was created after an intensive four-year R&D process that yielded a hydrophobic powder that works to repel moisture as it’s generated. 

As a result, Chassis excels where other powders fall short: it doesn’t clump, it doesn’t smell medicinal or perfumed, and it’s free of carcinogens like talc. 

men's talc free body powder

Updated Antiperspirant 

Remember your first antiperspirant stick? It was a big deal. You’re headed to middle school, feeling like hot stuff, and you’re using antiperspirant. The problem was, traditional antiperspirants left residue that felt gross and marked up your clothes. 

Antiperspirant has gotten better. A lot better. 

One option is dry spray antiperspirant from Dove, Degree, Axe or any number of national brands. Non-sticky, non-marking, and non-chafing, the new generation of dry spray antiperspirants is highly effective. 

dry spray antipirspirant

If you feel like you are losing the sweat battle constantly, you may consider looking for an even stronger sweat-control tool, Sweatblock wipes and Dr Sweat antiperspirant are available for a medical-grade solution. 

shoe inserts and no show socks
Washable shoe insoles & no show socks

Washable Shoe Insoles

Summer style calls for shorts; and the preferred look doesn't have athletic socks coming out of your shoes. But nothing stink-i-fies your favorite footwear like going barefoot. 

However, even if you're wearing barely-there socks with shoes like sneakers, weeks' worth of sweaty wear will make those cushion-y shoes stink like nothing else.

The solution: shoe liners, like these washable cotton terry insoles. Simply insert and wear all day. Then remove when stinky, launder, and you’re doing both your shoes and your feet a moisture-and-odor-wicking favor. 

Of course, you can wear them with socks and further prolong the life of your footwear. 

High Tech Fabrics

100% cotton is soft and inexpensive, but it has a huge drawback:  get it soaked at a rooftop bar and it takes hours to dry out. 

The solution for the summer months is a raft of high tech, moisture-and-heat defeating fabrics that have burst on the scene in recent years. 

We’ve been testing Uniqlo’s affordable AIRism line with positive results. It’s quick drying and so light it almost feels like silk. AIRism is made from cupro fabric, which is engineered with copper to be antimicrobial. 

Another thing that makes Uniqlo’s AIRism great? It’s peak engineering at a very affordable price. 

Name a brand and they’ve probably got a stretchy, moisture-wicking product. 

A man standing in front of a wall wearing gray pants and a short sleeve shirt
A tech dress shirt with linen dress pants

Linen Beyond Button Ups & Suits

As a fabric, linen is far from high tech – it’s probably one of the oldest commercial fabrics in existence. What is unique is how modern brands have been utilizing it in new ways beyond pants and button up shirts to help you stay cool and stylish in hot weather. 

A prime example is the sub-$20 linen t-shirt featured in this 1 Look 2 Budgets. Linen is better at wicking moisture and regulating temperature than cotton. In fact, some sources say linen conducts heat five times more than wool and eighteen times more than silk, both of which conduct heat better than cotton. 

linen tshirt

Learn more from Primer about linen’s history and how to wear it.

Full Body Wipes

Sometimes you can’t beat the heat with sartorial choices alone and you need to refresh on the go. 

Nothing works better than 12”x12” grown-up wet wipes. Now you can grab a quick clean in your car or a restroom in a pinch. Pro tip: look for a brand that’s free of sulfates, alcohol, and parabens like these Hyper Go wipes

full body wipes for hot summer

No-Show Socks

Less is more in the summer months. Less fabric = more opportunities for venting and airflow, and socks are no exception. 

You can pick up quality no-show socks from many major brands, but for our tested top picks check out The Best No Show Socks For Men. Just be sure they have a rubberized heel to prevent slipping!

no show socks with boat shoes

Start With Wise Hot-Weather Style Choices

Choose your fabrics carefully.

Don’t wear more than you need. 

Take advantage of technology and innovative design, like Sheath and the other brands we’ve discussed above. 

Starting your hot weather style choices from solid principles will automatically put you a step ahead of the rising mercury this summer. 

Stay Fresher With Sheath & Support Primer

Big thanks to Sheath for helping us bring this post to you. If you’re interested in Sheath’s honest-to-gosh innovative design, check them out at Sheath.com and take a huge step forward in managing moisture down there … and boosting your confidence at the same time. 

Right now Sheath is offering Primer readers an exclusive 20% discount with code Primermag, which helps you grab a quality boxer brief for less and supports the Primer mission of helping guys navigate adulthood to become the self-made men we aspire to be.  

sheath underwear

What Are Your Hot Weather Style Adaptations? Share Them In The Comments Below!

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