Review: Is The Flint & Tinder Hoodie With a 10 Year Guarantee Worth The Price?

Review: Is The Flint & Tinder Hoodie With a 10 Year Guarantee Worth The Price?
With fast fashion brands promising little beyond the latest trends, Flint and Tinder's 10 Year Hoodie and its bold warranty beg the question: can superior materials and workmanship justify the higher cost over disposable imports?

In 2013, Flint & Tinder made waves in the fashion world by becoming the first apparel brand to surpass one million dollars on Kickstarter. Their wildly successful campaign introduced the ambitious 10 Year Hoodie, promising uncompromising quality and longevity rarely seen in today's apparel. Now over a decade later, I finally bought the 10 Year Hoodie to see how well it lives up to the hype.

I purchased this hoodie myself and this is my honest take, but even better, my hoodie isn't even brand new. I bought it pre-owned off a style guy I follow on Instagram who was offloading some of his wardrobe that didn’t fit anymore. So this review is unique in that I got to try the 10 Year Hoodie already into its lifecycle, not straight out of the box.

The zip-up hoodie version I have is a chocolate brown color that doesn't seem to be available anymore, but Huckberry still offers the hoodie in 7 colors as well as other cuts like a pullover hoodie and quarter zip. I got a size medium which fits me perfectly at 5'9″ 165lbs. It has the ideal relaxed sweatshirt fit—not tight but with enough room to move comfortably whether I'm working outside or lounging on the couch. The raglan sleeves provide a great look and range of motion.

flint and tinder 10 year hoodie worn with shorts
The 10 Year Hoodie from Flint & Tinder is substantial

Now having worn this hoodie regularly for months in varying conditions including trips to Joshua Tree and Big Bear (and major lazy veg days), I can confidently share some thoughts.

10 Year Hoodie Crowdfunding Origin

Flint & Tinder first made press by raising over $1 million on Kickstarter to launch their 10 Year Hoodie, far surpassing their initial $30,000 goal, a record for an apparel brand at the time. The vision was simple yet ambitious—create a hoodie made entirely in America, from the raw materials to the finished product. This appealed to consumers in the post-2008 economic situation who reprioritized looking for higher quality clothing while supporting American manufacturing and jobs.

Over a decade later in 2023, the 10 Year Hoodie remains a core part of Flint & Tinder's offerings. The brand was acquired by Huckberry in 2016, an online men’s retailer focused on rugged-inspired clothing and lifestyle accessories. Huckberry's involvement strengthened Flint & Tinder's commitment to quality American-made goods, eventually releasing an array of jackets, denim, and other apparel.

Constructed in America & Intended to Be Used

made in america tag fro flint and tinder hoodie

Living up to its name, the 10 Year Hoodie is built using more premium materials and reinforced construction than your commonly available sweats. From the zippers and drawstrings to the stitching and thread, it simply feels sturdy in hand and conveys quality in a way that cheap alternatives can’t match.

Flint & Tinder constructed the hoodie using the following American-made components:

  • Cotton: Grown in the Mississippi Delta region, the cotton provides a soft handfeel.
  • Fleece: The thick 12 oz fleece comes from South Carolina and balances  softness with structure.
  • Twill: They use Philadelphia-made twill to create reinforced seams.
  • Zipper: YKK heavy-duty zippers made in Georgia, a company that globally produces about half of all zippers.
  • Production: Final cut and sew production takes place in Los Angeles.
two scales showing the weights of two hoodies, with the one on the left barely registering weight and the Flint & Tinder one on the right weighing almost 2 lbs.
The heavy duty Flint & Tinder hoodie on the right weighs almost 2 lbs whereas a cheap hoodie on the left barely registers on the scale.

A Rare 10 Year Mending Guarantee

Any apparel brand can claim their products are built to last, but Flint & Tinder puts their money where their mouth is by including a 10 year guarantee. They promise to provide free repairs for 10 years from the purchase date to fix rips, tears, holes, and split seams. Just cover shipping to their workshop and they'll mend the hoodie free of charge.

The guarantee has stipulations against more extreme damage like stains, discoloration, fraying, and general wear and tear over time. But for typical defects like rips and holes, it provides excellent protection to maximize longevity. Not many apparel companies offer that kind of guarantee these days.

The documentation does say, “Please note for any fabric repairs, the material used will be from the current edition of the hoodie, with the choice of the following colors: black, gray, green, heather gray, or navy.” so it’s unclear how my brown hoodie would be repaired, perhaps with black? I suppose that could be a bummer but also understandable that they’re not going to be able to have repair materials for colors that they don’t sell.

Do I think this hoodie will last 10 years of heavy wear? Realistically no. But I think there are few clothing items that will. A pair of Red Wing boots worn regularly for 10 years will need re-soled and regularly conditioned. The best-quality jeans will naturally fade and wear thin in areas that are subject to tightness and abrasion.

But for consumers taking the plunge on investing in a premium-priced American-made hoodie, the defects warranty provides peace of mind that goes a long way.

flint and tinder 10 year hoodie fit
10 Year Hoodie

Relaxed Classic Fit, True to Size

The 10 Year Hoodie delivers on comfort through its relaxed classic fit, which provides room to move without looking oversized. I typically wear a small or medium in most brands and the medium hoodie fit me perfectly with enough room for layering undershirts and long sleeves. A small would likely have also fit if I was emphasizing a more fitted look but I’m glad I have the medium.

For sizing reference my build has wider chests and shoulders than the rest of my torso. This can make some roomier fits too baggy below the chest. Flint & Tinder offers the hoodie from XS through 3XL to accommodate a broad range of sizes.

As far as color options, they've continually evolved the selection over the years, currently offering navy, grey, black forest green, rust orange, heather oatmeal, and a tan “oak”.

The drawstrings feature metal aglets stamped with the Flint & Tinder initials logo. 

Flint & Tinder 10 Year Hoodie metal aglet and hardware close up

The F&T hoodie features 3 pockets, two outside pockets and a small “media pocket” on the inside lower left that would fit most cell phones or wallets.

media pocket on inside of flint and tinder 10 year hoodie

Something I appreciate about the outside pockets is the relatively narrow opening at an angle steep enough that things won't just fall out when you move the wrong way. 

side pocket of flint and tinder 10 year hoodie

Perfect for Lounging or Labor

The 10 Year Hoodie's blend of soft interior fleece and more relaxed fit make it ideal for lounging around the house and staying warm during low activity levels. The 70-30 cotton/polyester blend outer shell is smooth and the hoodie moves well while stretching.

For my outdoor trips to Joshua Tree and Big Bear, the hoodie has been the ideal weight as a light jacket alternative – one of those “pack as light as you can” inclusions that doubles as a light jacket layer and cozy lounging option.

flint and tinder 10 year hoodie outfit
Camping in Big Bear

In the spring and fall I'll wear it over a t-shirt to take the chill off. When winter rolls around, its fit accommodates being layered over long sleeves, flannels, light jackets or sweaters. The roomy fit and soft fleece lining make easy to move in layered outfits without any pinching or binding.

Durability Holding Steady After 6 Months

Now having worn this hoodie regularly for over six months in a variety of conditions, I'm happy to report it's still going strong and showing minimal signs of wear. No holes, rips, zipper issues, or loose threads to note. It has held its shape and color after numerous washes. I intentionally machine wash cold and tumble dry low to put it through daily use rigor. So far it has fared extremely well.

For some the American heritage matters less than price or performance. But buyers who value domestic production and sustainability will find merit in the 10 Year Hoodie's supply chain. Not many apparel companies stick to such high domestic standards today.

wearing the flint and tinder hoodie in joshua tree

Worth the Investment for Made in USA Quality

Considering materials, construction, and manufacturing, the 10 Year Hoodie's $128 retail price is both high and a value. The cost understandably exceeds most hoodies that may retail closer to $30-$50. But buyers receive an upgraded product and a mending guarantee.

The hoodie's price point sits well below premium name brands like Reigning Champ, Asket or Todd Snyder, the latter which can run $150 and up for imported options. It's not the cheapest hoodie on the market, but a worthwhile investment for those who value domestic manufacturing, premium materials, and holding onto a garment for the long haul.

I was lucky in that I scored a deal from the gentleman I bought it from, I got this and a Taylor Stitch crewneck sweatshirt together for $70 shipped. It is also possible to buy used 10 Year Hoodies on places like eBay and Grailed for a similar price.

For an alternative for an American-made hoodie with a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects, check out the offerings from American Giant, which I have not seen in person, but regularly gets grouped with the Flint & Tinder in discussions.

Buyers already inclined to spend more for American-made goods and materials will not be disappointed in Flint & Tinder's hoodie. It wears its heritage proudly and while the 10 year guarantee is a lofty marketing angle, the hoodie's fundamentals deliver.

Check out the Flint & Tinder 10 Year Hoodie

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Rapid-fire FAQ:

Is Flint and Tinder made in USA?

  • Yes, Flint and Tinder manufactures their signature 10 Year Hoodie entirely within the United States, from the raw materials down to the final production. The hoodie includes cotton from the Mississippi Delta, 12 oz extra soft fleece from South Carolina, seams reinforced with twill in Philadelphia, heavy-duty zippers from Georgia, and final production in Los Angeles. They also make other items that are manufactured in America like some of their jackets, t-shirts, and button up shirts whereas other items like jeans and some of their other coats are made globally.

Is Flint and Tinder a Huckberry brand? 

  • Flint and Tinder originally started independently but was acquired by the retailer Huckberry in 2016 and is considered a “house brand”. They are currently owned by Huckberry but have maintained their Flint and Tinder brand identity.

What is the warranty on the Flint and Tinder 10 Year Hoodie?

  • Flint and Tinder offers a 10 year mending guarantee on their signature hoodie. They will provide free repairs for 10 years from the purchase date to fix rips, tears, holes, and split seams in the hoodie with colors they offer at the time. It does not cover normal wear-and-tear, fading, or other similar issues.
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