Live Action Getup: The Perfect, Bright Summer Afternoon

Live Action Getup: The Perfect, Bright Summer Afternoon
Colorful summer style.

There are so many reasons to love summer: bright mornings, weekends at the beach, good vibes all round, and of course: experimental dressing. We don’t know what it is about summer, but just take a look around you in the street and you’ll notice that almost everyone becomes a better version of themselves when the sun is out – more relaxed, more free, and more their true selves. And that goes for how we dress, too.

Warm mornings and balmy afternoons mean we’re not focused on picking an outfit that has to work twice as hard as it keeps us warm as well as looking stylish. In summer, the only thing our outfit has to do is look great. And under the high, bright sun, every color in your look comes out to shine.

So whether you’re heading to the market, a lunch date, the gelato stand, or even to work, with no layers required, we’re free to feel comfortable and look great with ease. And it gives us more room to fall back on shades we love – which is why we’re so into this fun, colorful look.

Style it for outdoor events like engagement parties and baby showers, dinner with friends, or smarter vacation days or nights where you want to prioritize comfort and style while still looking presentable.

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Looking your best on a summer afternoon

Ever noticed how often you see red and white together? Gingham picnic blankets, striped deck chairs, strawberries and cream… It's a summer color match made in heaven. In another, darker look, white jeans would become a bright, stand-out piece. But here, the bold red tones down the trousers, with black accessories acting as the perfect neutral detail.

A long-sleeved linen shirt, denim jeans, and suede loafers might not seem like a revolutionary combination when you break it down to its base elements. But these timeless and versatile pieces come together in unexpectedly interesting ways when we begin to play with shape and color.

Linen shirts offer the ideal light, airy texture for warm afternoons, and you can wear yours as loose, open, or rolled up as you like to suit your own summer style. Paired with white jeans, linen has a slightly preppy edge that’s reminiscent of yacht clubs and drinks on the Riviera – a vibe that’s only accentuated further with a pair of sophisticated dark suede loafers.

That’s why we love an elevated smart casual dress code – it’s the perfect excuse for us to try out some interesting, summer-worthy style.

Linen shirt

Daniel Baraka in red linen shirt eating an ice cream cone

Shown: Daniel Cremieux / Similar: Banana Republic

Alt: Nautica

The weave of linen means it’s able to absorb up to ⅕ of its weight in moisture without feeling damp – making it the perfect fabric for hot days when you might be worried about those dreaded under-arm patches. As it’s a natural fabric, it’s also better at holding color than synthetics, which is why this bold red linen shirt looks so darn good.

White Jeans

white jeans with red shirt and brown belt

Shown: Ralph Lauren / Alt: Levi's

These Polo Ralph Lauren jeans are more versatile than you think. White jeans go with almost anything, and they add a perfectly summery feel to your outfit. But don’t think of them as limiting: when the colder weather comes, they look great with knitwear too. Styled with red and black, the contrasting colors give white jeans the pop they deserve.


minnetonka loafers with white jeans

Shown: Minnetonka

Minnetonka Mocassins are an iconic look that bring the comfort of your slippers into your everyday wardrobe. Here, they give a preppy edge that’s perfect for summer – and will keep your feet cool even without socks. 


Persol sunglasses

Shown: Persol / Alt: MVMT

No summer look is complete without a good pair of shades. The beauty of sunglasses is that you only need one good quality pair in your arsenal, and they’ll last you for years. But if you’re like us, you might prefer a collection of unique styles like these Persol frames with a keyhole bridge. If this outfit didn’t already ooze unique summer style, these sunglasses confirm it.

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