Yes, You Can Wear White Denim and Here Are 3 Outfits That Prove It.

Yes, You Can Wear White Denim and Here Are 3 Outfits That Prove It.
White can be scary – we make it easy.
white denim outfit inspiration

As it gets warmer, white denim is a great choice, though these pictures also show how it works for various seasons. Since it's a clean color, you want a clean overall look. That means solid colors or small patterns only. You can wear it casually with a solid v-neck tee and vans, or dress it up with a microdot collared shirt and a solid blazer. It's a blank palette, really.  Just don't spill anything on it.

But we get it – it can feel a little daunting. Aren't there seasonal rules like you can only wear white when Mercury is in retrograde? (No one listens to those anymore). Won't they get dirty? (They will, being white also means they're the easiest to use the nuclear option on – OxyClean or bleach). Won't other guys make fun of me because I can't pull it off? (Wait, is that really how you pick out your clothing? Those same dudes are still wearing American Eagle cargo shorts, so I wouldn't hold too much stock in their opinions. Besides, who actually comments on things like that anymore? We're not 12. [Unless you are, then maybe don't wear white jeans.])

The funny thing is, wearing white jeans is actually incredibly simple. A simple thought exercise for introducing white denim is to just think of outfits you'd wear with tan chinos. Then swap in your new white denim. And blam-o… a whole new outfit that's crisp, modern, and perfect for some sun.

But won't it get dirty???

4 Steps to Anxiety-free White Jeans

1. Don’t Stress Over It.

They’re going to get dirty. You’re going to clean them.

2. If You're Not At Home…

Blot first, don’t rub the stain into the denim. If necessary pre-treat with warm water and soap. A Tide Pen works on spots until you can launder them.

3. Separate Your Laundry

Guys hate needlessly complicated processes like separating laundry by color and textile, but to keep all your whites like denim, socks, and t-shirts that blinding white we’re after, they must be washed with only other white items. No, not gray ones too. White only.

4. Power Up

Luckily speciality cleaners and detergents like OxyClean or bleach blast dirt, stains, and discolorations from white clothing. Include some in the load according to directions and you’ll be amazed at how white they come out. If using bleach, make sure you check the clothing tags, some textiles shouldn’t be bleached.

Look 1: Simple, Modern, Clean

The white jeans are the star of the show, but the microdot shirt makes the outfit. It roots the whole thing in modern style. The casual wingtips mean this outfit is ready for anything from a backyard bar-be-que to a spring date and everything in between.

Tommy Hilfiger Belt

Aston Grey Wingtip levis 511 white pants J.Crew microdot shirt SOCO New York Nato watch Tommy Hilfiger Belt

Look 2: Casual & Ready for Sun

White isn't just a fashion choice – it has obvious benefits for staying cool when getting some rays. Slim, patterned short-sleeve shirts are huge this year and we're grateful for having another sleeveless choice besides polos. To make it work, the sleeves have to be fitted to the arm, no 45 degree angle bagginess like you'll get with old man shirts.

Men's White Jeans Inspiration

Levi's 511 white jeans jcrew shirt Bass Parker Saddle Shoes AEO No show socks SO&CO New York Watch Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

Look 3: Evening Smart Casual

A shawl neck sweater throws this thing into smart casual, perfect for a wedding rehearsal dinner, whiskey tasting, or a rooftop dinner with someone special.

An outfit example featuring white jeans, blue sweater, and red plaid shirt

jcrew factory sweater jcrew factory shirt timex weekender watch Aston Grey Casual Wintip Levi's 511 White Denim Jeans
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