32 Fall Style Picks from Target That Prove Dressing Well Isn’t Expensive

32 Fall Style Picks from Target That Prove Dressing Well Isn’t Expensive
Layering up doesn't require you to be loaded.

Target is, and always has been, a unicorn for men's style. They offer smart casual essentials that can easily be worn to work, dates, school and everything inbetween – all for prices that are hard to argue with and solid enough quality that I have many things that I've worn for years.

As we welcome fall style into our closets, and real clothing in general back into our lives, we're here to prove only the lazy dismiss dressing well because it's too expensive.

Take a look and chat with me in the comments with your favorite pick!

Stretch Canvas Chore Shirt Jacket, $39.99

Note: There isn't a way to link to the specific colors, so the main product page may have a different color/pattern selected by default.

Stretch Canvas Chore Shirt Jacket, $39.99

man wearing a black canvas chore shirt jacket

If you haven't fallen under the spell of the shirt jacket yet, it'll change how you dress. Essentially a heavyweight shirt made of comfortable materials, shirt jackets make the perfect fall layering piece. Not too hot, and you don't have to take it off when you go inside, the shirt jacket is especially useful in warmer climates where fall still means 70+ degree temperatures during the hottest time of the day.

See how I wore a very similar shirt jacket that I got from Target a couple of years ago:

Denim Trucker Jacket, $33.99

man wearing a khaki colored denim trucker jacket

A budget alternative to the the fleece trucker from Buck Mason that we recently featured. An off-white trucker jacket is an easy way to wear a denim jacket while ensuring you avoid the double denim look. (Unless that's what you're into, then rock it.)

What's interesting about this look, is it's essentially an inversion of the jacket and sweater colors of the previous shirt jacket look, and it emphasizes how easy dressing well really can be: You can get looks with different moods and effects, simply by taking an outfit you like and swapping the colors.

Standard Fit Crew Neck Shirt, $6

man wearing a blue short sleeve crew neck shirt

A t-shirt under $10 that can hold it's own with a $500 leather jacket? Deal.

Slim Fit Chino Pants, $22.99

close up of dark green chino pants

Slim olive chinos are easily one of my most worn styles of trousers, and the fact that you can get a decent pair that look like this for $23 and know they're not going to just fall apart after one wash should be inspiring for all the frustrated stylish men on a budget.

Big & Tall Shawl Collar Cardigan, $29.99

man wearing a dark red shawl collar cardigan sweater

Target has an impressive sizing selection, with most of their mainline options available in big and/or tall sizes. This shawl collar cardigan is an easy way to be comfortable and casual without wearing a hoodie.

Standard Fit Button Down Shirt, $24.99

man wearing a dark green long sleeve button down shirt

The print on this 100% cotton shirt is so micro it acts more as texture than a pattern, and it's a great color for fall. Easily pair with tans, grays, and navys.

Performance Shirt, $12

man wearing a navy blue short sleeve performance shirt

Don't want to wear the intramural volleyball league shirt to workout and shun the idea of paying $50 for a gym shirt? Target's gotchu.

8.5″ Knit Shorts, $17

white drawstring knit shorts

I nabbed this pair of shorts about two years ago for about the same price. They're essentially just sweatshirts but they're almost like a terry fabric that has a chevron pattern on them. Easily pulls off like something from J.Crew or another higher priced brand.

Camp Collar Button Down Shirt, $16.99

man wearing a blue and white striped short sleeve button down camp collar shirt

The camp collar is a type of shirt collar that is inherently more casual. So if wearing a short sleeve button up shirt normally makes you feel like you're wearing a school uniform, the camp collar is an easy way to snuff out the stuffiness.

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Dockers Slim Fit Flex Chino Pants, $49.99

man wearing a blazer and chino pants outfit
My Current Favorite Pants (Provided by Amazon)

We recently featured the Dockers Ultimate chino because they're a blend of affordability, smart casual style, and stretch-supplied comfort.

Stretch Denim Short Sleeve Shirt, $19.99

man wearing a denim short sleeve button down shirt

Throw on over a tee and under that new shawl collar cardigan you've got and you've created instant style.

Crewneck Sweatshirt, $24.99

man wearing a red crewneck sweatshirt

There are few things I love more than a faded crewneck sweatshirt, and this dusty old red would kill it when paired with a denim trucker jacket.

Gray Slim Fit Jeans, $23.99

light grey slim fit stretch jeans

Gray slim jeans are a secret weapon for guys who want to make dressing better more easy. They go with absolutely everything (Other grays, blues, greens, black, brown) and they can help anchor more vibrant hues as well.

This slim pair is about half the price of the Levi's 511 I'm wearing in the next photo.

For even more ideas on how you can wear them, check out The Modular Fall Lunch Date + 5 Variations!

Long Sleeve Henley Shirt, $16.99

man wearing a light grey blue long sleeve henley shirt

A knit henley is basically born for this in-between shoulder season. Not as hot as a sweater, a little more heft than a t-shirt.

Knit Chore Jacket, $39.99

man wearing a light beige knit chore jacket

If you read our Fall Survival Guide you already know our pitch for the chore coat: Wear it with a t-shirt casually or dress it up as a less business-y blazer.

Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, $12.99

man wearing a dark grey crewneck shirt

The faded black pocket t-shirt might be my favorite t-shirt.

Regular Fit Long Sleeve Henley Shirt, $14.99

man wearing a dark blue long sleeve henley shirt

Featuring a notable heather texture and my preferred raglan sleeves: The sleeves connect at the collar instead of at the shoulder and emphasize a man's chest.

Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts, $24.99

man wearing an orange pattern long sleeve button down shirt

A comfy button up shirt that oozes fall.

Stretch Long Sleeve Button Down, $24.99

target denim shirt

Not all denim shirts are western-inspired. A traditional-style shirt made of denim is an easy way to add texture to an outfit as well as getting that wonderful deep indigo color into your top half.

Slim Fit Jeans, $29.99

black stretch jeans

Not sure if black jeans are for you? (They are.) Buy an affordable pair to test the waters.

Stretch Poplin Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $24.99

man wearing a black and gold check long sleeve button down shirt

Take that classic gingham check shirt that we all know and love and push that hue slider to Maximum Fall. If Paul Bunyan worked at a creative agency, this is what he'd wear.

Hooded Sweatshirt, $22.99

man wearing a brown cedar hooded sweatshirt

My preferred raglan sleeves: Check. Modern color blocking: Check. Want to wear a hoodie and feel like you got dressed with purpose? This is how you do it.

Stretch Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $24.99

man wearing a light blue long sleeve button down shirt

The chambray shirt has over a hundred years of heritage, ranging from laborers in France to 1970s Hollywood actors to me basically wearing one non stop for the last 8 years. (That last bit is the most notable, of course.)

Striped Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, $10

man wearing a green striped crewneck shirt

To get style with a modern edge you're usually forced to choose between designer prices or fast fashion quality and ethics. In recent seasons, Target has been slipping in more trend-forward styles giving us an easy way to sprinkle in some trend without cancelling our health insurance to pay for it.

Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt, $20

man wearing a grey fleece crewneck sweatshirt

Classic with modern texture equals easy buy.

Layering Shirts

Target is great for picking up t-shirts that have a little more life and flavor to them for under $15. Pick some up and layer your shawl collar cardigans, unbuttoned shirts, and lightweight jackets for a casual but not boring style.

Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, $9.99

man wearing a grey and white short sleeve crewneck shirt

Regular Fit Crewneck Shirt, $10

man wearing a grey short sleeve crewneck shirt

Seamless Shirt, $12

man wearing a grey short sleeve crewneck shirt

Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, $9.99

man wearing a striped short sleeve crewneck shirt

Regular Fit Crewneck Short Sleeve Shirt, $10

man wearing a striped white crewneck short sleeve shirt

Printed Short Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, $9.99

man wearing a printed short sleeve crewneck shirt

Standard Fit Short Sleeve Crewneck, $9.99

man wearing a color block short sleeve crewneck shirt
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