Introducing Our Very First Reader Getup! Zac Silk + Submit Your Own to Be Featured!

Our Very First Reader Getup:

Zac Silk!

+ Submit Your Own to Be Featured!

As part of Primer’s 10-year anniversary celebration we’ve been rolling out a few new features and this might be my favorite so far…

I’m very excited to be publishing – for the very first time in Primer’s 10-year history – a 100% reader-submitted Getup! And find out below about how you can submit yours!

The Getup: Teaching Smart Style For Less

If you’re reading this you probably already know The Getup defines Primer Magazine; it’s my opportunity to bring you top-notch style at regular guy prices, incorporating style education, deal picks, curated accessories, and pieces I’ve personally tested.

The process for creating a Getup is more art than science: there’s no formula, and I might spend weeks scouring the internet for the perfect deal to complete a look rather than post a Getup that isn’t the right balance of style and price point.

I’ve been wanting to feature reader Getups for a while and our 10-year anniversary seemed like the perfect opportunity: it’s a chance for me to feature youroutfits and inspire the Primer community with contemporary, timeless, affordable style.

Meet The Mayor of Primer’s Comments Section: Zac Silk

Deciding who should be featured in our very first reader Getup was a no-brainer: Primer fan and honorary mayor of the comments section Zac Silk. If you've been a reader of Primer, you've surely come across one of his comments, always continuing the conversation, sharing photos of his own Getups or products that he's tried, or helping other Primer readers with follow up questions they have.

Putting this project together I had the opportunity to learn more about Zac, who’s been part of the Primer community for a few years now.

Primer Reader Getup   men fashion allsaints black leather jacket black leather cole haan shoes hm henley

hm henley allsaints leather jacket black gap slim denim black leather cole haan sneakers

Black moto jacket

What’s your background, and when did you start reading Primer?

I’m 23 years old and I live in a town in Oxford, in England. I’ve been reading Primer since about 2015. Before I came to University, where I’m in my last year, my final year at school was probably when I first started caring about my personal style.

I had been getting some money from a part-time job. I’d use that and invest in clothes and I really started to look into clothing blogs and clothing websites, and after that, I started my own blog. Through Primer and my own blog, it allowed me to develop my personal style.

What’s the concept behind your reader Getup?

With this Getup, I use it to go out on a date or to a bar or cafe, or to a concert. It’s an edgier Getup for me, with a leather jacket and black jeans that kind of mold together quite nicely. With the muted colors, it would probably be more of a nighttime look – a smart casual sort of thing – with the leather jacket balancing out the black jeans. The monochrome color palette definitely lends itself to nighttime rather than the daytime.

Zac Silk wearing a black outfit

black leather jacket zac silk

Has Primer influenced your personal style?

Having Primer as a resource has really allowed me to develop my personal style. It's given me a kind of a sounding board for where my personal style is at and given me something to resonate with and realize that, year over year I’ve been developing my personal style. It’s been a process of adding and taking away bits, tweaking and purging my wardrobe each year. It allows me to realize what I want my personal style to be in the years going forward.

Style has also had a big impact on my overall university degree. I had a module where I was graded on the clothing and the presentability, and just something as simple as knowing how an Oxford shirt should fit, or wearing a nice pair of jeans and pair of Brogues, it set me apart from everyone else in my journalism degree program.

Just having that solid foundation in style really allowed me to kind of show myself to my best ability and having that sort of footing in college and being able to read Primer really gives me and everyone else in my age bracket a real advantage.

Over to You: What Is Your Getup?

I want to say a huge thanks to Zac for sharing his Getup and inspiring words, but most of all, for his incredible support of Primer over the last few years.

I also want to invite you to submit your own Getup! We’re going to feature regular reader Getups as part of our 10-year anniversary celebration and I’d love to see the amazing style you create from your own closets!

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