It’s The Reader Getup, Brought To You By Primer Fan Devon Welch

It's The Reader Getup, Brought To You By Primer Fan

Devon Welch

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If you caught our inaugural Reader Getup, you know as part of Primer’s 10-year anniversary we're featuring the community's amazing style!

I’m super excited to see what Getups you guys put together for yourselves – to express your sense of style, flex your creativity, and make great outfits with clothing real people can afford.

The response has been inspiring. Our second ever Reader Getup comes from Devon Welch, who draws inspiration from Primer and Ryan Gosling in one of our very favorite movies…

men summer style

zara bomber white henley dstld jeans sunglasses sneakers

men summer outfit inspiration light bomber jacket henley

Name, rank and serial number?

My name is Devon Welch. I'm from Dallas, Texas. I'm trying to make my way out to LA, however, for work – filmmaking to be specific.

When did you discover Primer? What kept you coming back?

I started reading Primer Magazine about 5 years ago. I'd say my interest in my own style and finding Primer coincided. Like most who come to your website I wanted to improve my style because I wanted to feel better about the way I look, and the way people perceived me.

As I grew older it became more apparent to me how your appearance affects the way people treat you, and I changed accordingly. Eventually, after putting more effort into my clothing choices, I started to become comfortable with the sudden positive reaction people had towards my change. I was attracted to Primer more than other menswear sites because it didn't only cater to a certain style, but a wide range. It also featured many articles that had nothing to do with clothing, but were influential in improving my overall lifestyle.

I remember getting a duvet cover almost immediately after reading the article about your bedroom makeover!

Jacket: Zara, $40 / Henley: J.Crew Factory, $22 / Jeans: DSTLD, $75 / Belt: Amazon, $20 / Sunglasses (similar): Amazon, $10 / Sneakers: Adidas, $75

man wearing bomber jacket and jeans

summer outfit trucker jacket henley stan smith

trucker jacket hm henley dstld jeans amazon belt skagen watch adidas stan smith

black denim jacket blue henley

black denim jacket adidas stan smith

Tell us about your Getup

I would say it works best for spring to early summer, when it's warming up enough to wear sneakers and t-shirts, but not so warm that you can't still wear dark denim and a light jacket.

It's a great casual look for people like me who don't have to dress up for work, but still want to maintain a level of style without sacrificing comfort. It could, however, be an equally great weekend look for someone who's ready to hang out with friends, maybe hit up a couple of bars.

Talk about the contrast between the denim and the jacket

The great thing about the dark denim is that even though it's a fairly light colored outfit with the jacket, shirt, and shoes, the dark denim offsets that enough to still make it very appropriate for night time, especially a cool summer night. The thing I love most about the bomber, besides it's perfect balance between breathability and warmth, is that it's an easy way to cross over into less common colors for outerwear. The light grey, almost-white color makes it perfect for summer, without coming across as trying to hard.

Jacket: Levis, $69 / Henley: H&M, $14 / Jeans: DSTLD, $75 / Belt: Amazon, $20 / Watch: Skagen, $99 /  Sneakers: Adidas, $75

I’d call it both understated and bold. What was your inspiration for this combo?

Drive is one of my favorite films, and I've always admired Ryan Gosling's style in the film. Unfortunately, it is a little bit over the top for mine and I'm assuming a lot of other men's personal style. However, I came to a happy medium by keeping simple items like the henleys and raw denim, but switching out other items like the satin bomber for a light grey linen bomber, the white leather dress boots for white leather sneakers, and the dark blue denim jacket for a black denim jacket.

A person standing in front of a fence, with Stacy Man wearing black trucker jacket with blue henley

I think with these small but important changes the outfit suddenly goes from a very obvious cosplay to an easy-to-recreate casual daytime and night time summer look, while also showcasing the versatility of key pieces in a minimal wardrobe.

Ryan Gosling in the film is a man of very few words, and even fewer clothing items. He lives out of a duffel bag, so each piece he wears needs to be versatile and interchangeable. However, even with his limited “closet” space he shows that having a lot of clothing isn't essential to looking good, just having the right ones and knowing how to style them.

What’s Your Getup, And What Inspired You?

I want to say a huge thanks to Devon for sharing his Getup and inspiration with us, and encourage you to get in touch and share your own. Email us,  Tag @primermagazine on Instagram, @primerag on Twitter, or upload a photo into any Primer article comment!

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