Live Action Getup + Video! How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together

Getup + Video! How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together

How to wear work clothes and casual clothes together - The Getup + Video

By Andrew Snavely | Photos by Jerry Maestas

It can be incredibly frustrating and expensive to have to fill out two wardrobes: one for work, and one for nights and weekends. Instead, we'll shop smart and learn to pair business wear with casual clothes.

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Mens style casual outfit ideas

Denim jacket: Levis, $70 / V-neck: Uniqlo, $40 / Oxford: Uniqlo, $30 / Belt & Buckle: Anson, $50 / Pants (similar): Penguin, $40 / Sneakers: Nike, $35

Denim jacket with button up vneck sweater gray pants and sneakers - mens casual outfit fashion inspiration

If you lose the denim jacket and swap the sneakers for dress boots, the outfit becomes much more dressy. Throw in a tie and you've got a full business look. But the denim jacket and the sneakers “package” the v-neck sweater, oxford shirt, and gray pants in a more casual way. Creating a versatile look you can rock for certain dates, drinks with friends, some sort of creative launch party, and a ton more.

Getup dress down business casual

penguin flannel pantslevis trucker jacketuniqlo v neck sweateruniqlo oxfordanson belt and buckleThe Fifth watchesThe Getup by PrimerPrimer on Instagram"Nike
White leather sneakers Nike Tennis Classic

I picked these up for $35 at Finish Line. White leather sneakers are a must have, and even if you're new to the style, you can afford to experiment at this price.

denim jacket vneck

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Zac Silk

    It’s really cool you’re branching out to
    videos. I think that coupled with the getups really gives us a sense of what you’re wearing and the theory behind it.

    Personally I’m pretty well set with work/ casual clothes. Being a student I can experiment a bit more with OCBD’s and sneakers in the week which is my go to.

    I’ll swap out my black sneakers for some white ones now it’s Spring time and I usually go for leather vans.

    As for sweaters I’ve got a few v nexus in navy’s, grey’s and blacks that I’ll swap out weather permitting.

    I’m really on board with Penguin as well they’re a great brand and make some awesome polos.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Michael!

  • Zac Silk

    Also Andrew, I’m a fan of your haircut, which grades of clippers do you get when going to the barber and how long is it on top?

    I’ve been trying for something similar for a while but I can never get it just right.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Zac!

      I actually don’t use clippers anymore. I have them cut the whole thing with scissors. My hair is very fine so even a high number guard produces a very short look. I also don’t like the consistency clippers leave, to “perfect” for my hair texture. Using scissors all around gets a great cut, good length, and good texture.

  • Big O

    I’m loving the outfit (again!)! This is something I can definitely wear at my job and I love how I can swap out the sneakers for shoes or boots. Not sure about the jean jacket (just not a fan of jean jackets) but the rest of the outfit is killer!

    I do have to agree with Zac in where you need to do more videos like this. Quick, to the point, and message is delivered!

    Great job…again!!!!

    • Andrew

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Lee

    Great outfit Andrew! And I must say you pull it off very well 😉 I would like to add a comment to Zac’s regarding your hair. Your hair always looks good, but it appears somewhat thicker. I have very similar and hairline as yours and was wondering if you are doing something different, if you don’t mind sharing.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Lee! I’ve been getting my hair cut longer than I had been for awhile (actually going to go shorter again this time) which makes it look like it’s fuller because I have very fine hair. You can use a product like Boost Powder from American Crew to make your hair thicker and more workable with a completely matte finish. Other brands make similar powders.

      • Lee

        Thanks Andrew. I also use Toppik as a concealer which adds a thicker ‘look’. I will look into the Boost Powder and see if it’s something I can use in my arsenal. I see in another post that you also get a total scissor cut….no clippers. I started doing the same about 3 cuts ago, and it makes a WORLD of difference in how my hair ‘behaves’ and looks after the cut, as well as how it grows out. And again, not to embarrass you, and I hope you don’t mind it coming from ‘dude’, but you are quite the handsome gent 🙂

        • Andrew

          Haha! Stopppp, no go on, no stop. 😉 Appreciate it!

  • Ross

    Wow! Just when I thought the Getups couldn’t get any better, you go and add a video! Love it! The only downfall of this is I think you set a new standard for this column. I know I will be very disappointed if there isn’t a video for each future Getup article. Great combination with the v-neck sweater and Oxford Button down. I have several shades and colors of both in my closet and I love seeing them used together! Two major staples for me for sure! Still not on board with the white sneaker trend yet but maybe I’ll cave someday.

    I did have a question on the jacket though! I’ve been looking into the denim trucker jacket by Levi’s for awhile now, can’t seem to pull the trigger on this throwback to current trend yet but I’m concerned about wearing it with my denim.

    I know you want to avoid the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ look…(sorry my Canadian friends..I didn’t name it.) but all my jeans are Fidelity Slim Jim Revolution Rinse denim and I find myself attracted to the darker denim jackets. Do I have to go lighter denim for the jacket to wear it with my fidelity Revolution rinses to avoid the ‘tuxedo’ look? I’m feeling like I won’t like the jacket as much in the pale denim. Or do I just stick with the darker denim jacket and avoid wearing my Dark Denim jeans with the jacket and subsitute khakis or chinos?

  • anonimo

    Hey what do you think of fleece denim jackets? Any ideas to style it up?

    • Ross

      I don’t think anything can help that denim plus fleece mess. Just my opinion.

      • anonimo

        I agree with you but maybe Andrew has some ideas.

  • captainjy has a 30% off deal storewide using FAM30, grabbed the rigid two and the raw denim truckers jackets for $90 total.

  • Michael

    Man…I love this. I think you might have a new series. I work in an environment wear people are mostly casual. I still prefer to still be a little more dressier but have some casual notes.

  • Ross


    So I’m looking at investing in a denim jacket. What’s the rule on how it’s suppose to fit in the torso length? Also is it strictly a piece that can only be paired with non denim pants? I’m concerned about accidentally repping a Canadian tuxedo. 😳 Love the Levi’s Rinse Two you’re showing is that what you’d suggest for color ? Is it the most versatile wash?

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross, The jacket should fall right below the waist. You can wear with denim, and it’s much easier when you go with non-blue (black, white, green, tan, etc.) but you can wear blue as long as they’re not similar in shade. I would recommend starting with the dark blue like mine or black.

  • Ross

    Andrew, do you happen to know which wash this trucker is from Levi’s and do you think it could work with Rigid Envy wash Levi’s? a4647a0cc205b280941efd7db2.jpg

  • Ross