Live Action Getup + Video! How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together

Live Action Getup + Video! How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together
It can be incredibly frustrating and expensive to have to fill out two wardrobes: one for work, and one for nights and weekends. Instead, we'll shop smart and learn to pair business wear with casual clothes.
>Getup + Video! How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together

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Mens style casual outfit ideas

Denim jacket: Levis, $70 / V-neck: Uniqlo, $40 / Oxford: Uniqlo, $30 / Belt & Buckle: Anson, $50 / Pants (similar): Penguin, $40 / Sneakers: Nike, $35

Denim jacket with button up vneck sweater gray pants and sneakers   mens casual outfit fashion inspiration
If you lose the denim jacket and swap the sneakers for dress boots, the outfit becomes much more dressy. Throw in a tie and you've got a full business look. But the denim jacket and the sneakers “package” the v-neck sweater, oxford shirt, and gray pants in a more casual way. Creating a versatile look you can rock for certain dates, drinks with friends, some sort of creative launch party, and a ton more.

Getup dress down business casual

penguin flannel pants levis trucker jacket uniqlo v neck sweater uniqlo oxford anson belt and buckle The Fifth watches The Getup by Primer Primer on Instagram click here to watch my video on this getup link nike sneakers
White leather sneakers Nike Tennis Classic

I picked these up for $35 at Finish Line. White leather sneakers are a must have, and even if you're new to the style, you can afford to experiment at this price.

denim jacket vneck

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