Grail Gifts: 11 Leather Jacket & Boot Picks That Any Guy Will Love

Grail Gifts: 11 Leather Jacket & Boot Picks That Any Guy Will Love
This year give (or get) the gift of enduring style.

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It’s that special time of year when I text my brother and my dad and say, What do you cats want for Christmas? If you have a dad, or a brother, or a husband, or a son, you know that we’re incredibly difficult to shop for. 

We want nice things, but we’re not great at spending money on ourselves (so we don’t always have a lot of gift ideas). Our practical side also knows that the dishwasher is going to need to be replaced this year, so we may as well keep the money aside for that.  

Men are also notoriously fastidious, which is why every time you’ve gotten a tie or a watch you didn’t ask for, you’ve said thank you with a smile, but you know it probably wouldn’t have been your first choice. If you’re looking for a few safe bets for gifts this year (whether for you or someone else), I have a suggestion: leather jackets and boots.

Leather jackets and leather boots aren’t cheap, but they’re also not items that you replace very often. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to give a gift that’s going to be shelf-bound; you want a gift that’s made to be used for years to come without going out of style.

If you’re stuck on what to get for your brother, son, or husband, OR you’re not sure what to tell these people to get for you, here are some solid ideas… 

man wearing a gray suede bomber jacket with a white t-shirt

Thursday Boot Co. Bomber Jacket Dark Grey $349

The bomber jacket dates all the way to WWI when the US Army Aviation Clothing Board had to create a jacket that would keep pilots warm in the cockpit of an airplane. This one from Thursday Boot Co. is based on the MA-1 jacket from 1950, but made from oil snuff suede (which keeps the soft hand but adds a layer of scuff and moisture resistance). The ribbed collar and cuffs are soft cotton, and the cut is modern without being tight. The perfect jacket to transition from winter back into spring. And that dark grey color…damn. 

Schott perfecto leather motorcycle jacket

Schott NYC Waxed Cowhide Cafe Jacket $975

If you’re going for the old-school motorcycle look, it doesn’t get more classic than Schott. Started in 1913, Schott has been making their leather jackets in America for the last 110 years. This motorcycle jacket features an iconic asymmetric zipper, black hardware, and a twill lining for a soft hand. 

cinnamon brown suede moc toe boots

Thursday Boot Co. Diplomat Cinnamon Suede $199

The older I get, the more I’m drawn to lug soles. There’s something about the comfort and utility that pulls me in. I’ve owned a pair of the Diplomats for the last year in the Harvest color, but now I’m eyeing up this cinnamon suede. Like the bomber jacket, these boots are made with oil snuff suede, and while the lug sole will provide comfort by itself, Thursday has added a shock-absorbant insole so you can literally wear these all day (And I can testify to the effectiveness of these insoles. These boots are comfortable). And at $199, these boots are an unbelievable value. 

belstaff black leather jacket

Belstaff Trailmaster Panther Jacket $1695

Founded in England in 1924, Belstaff has made it their goal to not only produce kick ass outerwear, but to protect the environment while doing it. The Trailmaster Panther jacket is made from ethically-sourced calf skin and is finished with a hand-applied coat of wax for added durability. 

man wearing tan suede jacket

Thursday Boot Co. Racer Jacket $349

If you’re looking for suede that’s a little more affordable but gives off a vibe that’s somehow both laid back and assertive, check out Thursday’s Racer Jacket in taupe suede (I’m also a fan of the Tobacco). The Racer Jacket is made from lambskin suede, which is the softest suede you can buy, and it will only get softer with age. Pair it with a sweater and dark denim for a night out. 

man wearing olive green suede jacket

Todd Snyder Dyland Suede Trucker Jacket $998

Somehow Todd Snyder makes everything look good. Andrew owns this jacket, and it looks good with literally any outfit you can throw together (except maybe olive pants). It’s tailored in Italy with a cut that has enough room for layers but a drape that’s flattering over a t-shirt. 

a men's brown leather boot on a pedestal

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot $495

I got my first pair of Allen Edmonds sixteen years ago, and they’re still kickin’. These Higgins Mill boots are crafted from Horween’s waterproof Chromexcel leather to keep your feet dry and a Dainite sole to absorb impact. They’re made in Wisconsin and are fully recraftable. 

a pair of brown roughout suede chelsea boots with chunky soles
Andrew's Legend boots after 3 years of wear

Thursday Boot Co. Legend Boot $199

If you’re worried about the elements, the Legend boot is another great option. Made from waxed Weathersafe suede, water beads off of the Legend, which is an aesthetic cross between a moto Chelsea and a night-out-with-the-fellas Chelsea. The lug sole makes them comfortable, and the Goodyear Welt construction means they’re made to last. 

a lace up boot

Oak Street Boot Makers Field Boot $562

I’m not shy about how much I love Oak Street Bootmakers, especially because they’re all about supporting the local cobbler. This limited edition field boot is made from a Horween Chromexcel Roughout leather, meaning it will offer weather resistance and probably outlive you. To keep your feet and knees supported, they’ve used a Vibram Christy sole, a calfskin lining, and waxed cotton laces with brass hardware.

matte black combat boot

Thursday Boot Co. Explorer $249

If you need the ruggedness of military boots but don’t want to walk around in camo, the Explorer is the boot you need. This boot is made from Thursday’s Rugged and Resilient Leather, which has been engineered to take a serious beating; the extra high collar is padded for comfort, and the laces are made from a kevlar blend (yeah, like the bulletproof vest stuff). The Storm Welt construction will keep your feet dry and help the boots last for years to come. 

man wearing black leather jacket with green t-shirt

Thursday Boot Co. Keanu Jacket $360

The Keanu Jacket from Thursday Boot Co. is the quintessential black leather jacket, the one that never goes out of style. The Keanu is made from full grain leather, meaning the grain isn’t altered during the tanning process. So it will age almost as handsomely as you. 

Mike Henson

Mike Henson is a literature teacher in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He enjoys shooting 35mm film, restoring vintage straight blades, purchasing too many American-made goods, and spending time with his wife and their three daughters.