Live Action Getup: The Perfect Summer Morning

Start a Saturday strong: Early and comfortable.

We requested many of these items from Amazon to feature.

Live Action Getup - A perfect summer morning - men's outfit inspiration collage Levi's trucker jacket field watch timex the best watches under $200 7 inche easy short similar from Banana Republic american made t-shirt from amazon The Getup seavees slip on sneaker

The Denim Jacket

man wearing light blue denim trucker jacket with gray t-shirt and green drawstring shorts in summer

Shown: Gap (OoS) | Similar: Levi's

Officially known as a Trucker Jacket by Levi's, this denim design is the Type III style that's gone virtually unchanged since 1967. It's one of our favorite jackets for summer: It's lightweight, can be tossed around with disregard, and has a lot of character without standing out.

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Add nuance to your summer outfit by doubling up on your t-shirts. It adds little in the way of bulk but adds noticeable visual texture; especially when doing a loose tuck.

men's casual summer outfit idea with denim jacket, t-shirt, drawstring shorts, and slip on sneakers

Drawstring Shorts

drawstring shorts outfit

Banana Republic (similar)

The fabric of chinos in the style of swim trunks: The joggers of shorts. Drawstring options are usually a little looser and inherently more casual. They're super comfortable and when paired with balancing items the result is a put-together but easy-going casual style.

Field Watch

Timex MK1 on wrist size- Best Watches Under $200

Timex MK 1

Of the common watch strap materials – metal, leather, plastic, rubber and fabric – a canvas watch strap in summer is the obvious choice. But what's even more obvious is the style-to-cost ratio of this vintage-inspired Timex field watch. Based on a proposed but unused military design that was later donned by my childhood idol MacGyver, it's easy to see why this $65 timepiece made our list of the best watches under $200.

Slip-On Sneaker

slip on canvas sneakers in summer


If they were leather they'd be called loafers. Step away from the same-old summer options and introduce a new comfortable favorite that feels purposeful instead of standard.

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