Live Action Getup: Lightweight Rugged Casual

Live Action Getup: Lightweight Rugged Casual
Looking and feeling great doesn’t have to mean dressed up.

Live Action Getup: Lightweight Rugged Casual men's outfit infographic with denim shirt, jeans, and suede boots

men fashion denim shirt black jeans outfit ideas

Denim shirt: Gap, $42 / T-shirt: Gap, $15 / Sunglasses: American Optics, $59 / Watch: Timex, $40 / Jeans: Levi's, $42 / Boots: Thursday Boot Co., $199

A simple-faced watch with a gray NATO strap watch pairs great with an otherwise minimalist outfit. Even better? Timex Weekenders can be had for as little as $25, and the ability to swap the strap in a matter of seconds gives you infinite style possibilities.

men denim shirt

men denim shirt

These square-framed American Optics sunglasses were one of the first ‘real' sunglasses I've ever bought, and not only have they held up great in terms of quality since I bought them 8 years ago, their style has maintained since their military introduction 6 decades ago. Good enough for the men who landed on the moon, they're good enough for me. I find them to be less Top Gun-bro than their tear drop-shaped aviator counterparts.

men summer outfit fashion   denim shirt square aviators

This Getup can actually be worn in many different scenarios and destinations, primarily because of the foundation the black denim provides. Drop the denim shirt for a super-casual but put-together mid-day look; button up the denim shirt for an evening at a nicer drink spot or a music show.

men summer outfit ideas denim shirt suede boots black jeans

These boots are made of ‘rough out' leather – literally when the rough side of full grain leather is on the outside, giving them a tough rugged aesthetic. But because of their slim sole can be worn more dressed up just like a Wolverine Thousand Mile Boot. Grabbing for footwear in a tan color like this stops the outfit from getting lost in the black jeans.

This is my 1978 Corvette – I bought it when I was 25 for $9,800 and it's so much fun to drive on an evening with T-Tops off. I wrote an extensive post on how and why you should buy an old vintage sports car. If you shop smart for the right car (Corvette, Camaro, muscle car, Triumph, Fiat), you can get a wicked fun machine for less than $10k.

One very good reason to do it now? The older you get, the more responsibility you'll get, so the likelihood that at 35 or 40 your financial priority for an extra $10,000 will be something fun to drive on the weekends is next to zilch. But once you have it, you'll have it for as long as you take care of it. You won't regret it, and if you do, you can always sell it – and again, when buying smart, you'll at least come out even.

1978 corvette   how to buy a vintage sports car

My 1978 Corvette – read my experience of buying it

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