Fall Getup Week: Away for the Weekend

men's fashion inspiration

Sweater (similar): J.Crew, $90
Cotton oxford shirt: Gap, $35
Belt: Homemade, read our guide
Watch: Boldr, $259 (from my Watch Gang subscription)
Selvedge denim: Target, $39.99 (budget) / Naked & Famous, $140 (upgrade)
Boots: Red Wing Iron Ranger, $320
Weekend bag: S-zone, $40
Boot socks: Wolverine, $13 for 2

From a ‘template' perspective, this outfit has all of the makings of a dressy-casual outfit for a nice Mother's Day dinner, but it's the heftiness of the items that keep it casual. While you may be hesitant to wear a sweater and a collared shirt outside of a work situation, the ruggedness of the oxford cotton shirt, chunky knit sweater, heavy selvedge denim, and thick leather boots all work to make a comfortable, more casual outfit befitting the smart, successful guy you are.

men's fall fashion outfit inspiration

naked and famous selvdege denim Gap oxford shirt Target Goodfellow & Co selvedge denim Boldr journey watch watch gang review Red Wing Iron Ranger J.Crew marled cotton crewneck sweater make a diy full grain leather belt
boldr watch

Choosing a large black-on-black chrono like this watch from Boldr also pulls you more casual than a typical stainless steel or leather strapped watch might.

Red Wing Iron Ranger boots

What do you think of this? I'm waiting to chat in the comments!

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  • Zac Silk

    Great simple getup Andrew. I’ve just picked up a similar sweater from H&M thAt I’ll link shortly.

    Just out of curiosity do you know where the sweater is from you featured in the getup? It looks similar to the shaker sweaters Gap put out a year ago.

    Lastly, the combination of a white Oxford and dark selvedge denim is something I use constantly, and if provided the denim is washed to stop bleeding onto the Oxford, it works great.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Yeah! That sweater is from last season from Life After Denim. Bummed they didn’t bring it back.

      • Zac Silk

        Thanks! I’m really starting to like their stuff. I’ll see if they ship internationally and try some of their stuff out on sale.

  • master_grasshopper

    Clean, simple and classic getup. How does the wicking quality of these socks compared to a pair with higher wool content (> 60%)?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Good question about the wicking, I’ll have to pay attention to that. They’re definitely good for comfort and warmth.

  • Daniel

    Costco is selling a 4 pack, 72% merino wool blend boot sock for, I think, $12 right now.

  • Zac Silk

    The sweater from H&M I picked up. It’s in a waffle texture and is a cotton blend https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6158de24f98934c97c9c7e10ff684b7ad9f4c45b187d224dc182ecdbdf8e88f2.jpg

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      ohhhh yeah! That’ll work great.

  • Ross

    Another Nice Getup Andrew! Love Fall Getup Week. Hoping to see A Fall Wedding Getup tomorrow to prepare me for the weekend! LOL

    Love the use of the Target Slim Straight Jeans, Honestly the best off the rack jeans fit that I have ever come across (At least for my body type.)

    I also have the Red Wing Iron Rangers (Very Minnesota based Getup here..I love it! lol) but i find them somewhat stiff and can’t stand the smooth sole, so plan to replace the soles with lug soles. I was wondering if you had any tips to loosen up my iron rangers? also did you find any need of additional insoles to ad comfort or do they mold to your foot and increase in comfort as time goes on?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Thanks Ross! My IR broke in nicely but I put cheap insoles in another pair of Red Wings and they’re so comfortable now. Maybe ask the cobbler when you get the soles done.
      I’ve got you covered for what to wear to a fall wedding! http://www.primermagazine.com/2016/spend/save-50-on-a-perfect-fitting-premium-custom-suit-from-indochino-what-to-wear-to-a-fall-wedding

      • Eric L.

        Agreed! My IR were super uncomfortable at first (after dropping $300 on them I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wear them), but after a couple days they stretched and broke in to where it didn’t bother me. And now after wearing them almost daily for a year, they are super broken in and probably the most comfortable boots I have ever had! Plus, the “patina” of a nice broken in pair of IR’s look awesome!