All from Target: The Fall Office

A complete, affordable outfit created from Target's new Goodfellow & Co. line.

Target recently retired several of their house menswear brands and introduced the new Goodfellow & Co. line. The new line, named after the original store that would eventually become Target, represents an incredible new offering in smart style for guys shopping on a budget.

We recently did our Fitting Room First Impressions and came away impressed. The line's aesthetic falls somewhere between Gap and J.Crew with shirts ringing up under $30 and blazers available for $50.

Perhaps what's most exciting beyond the contemporary designs are the attention to fit – or should I say fits. The Goodfellow & Co. line is filled with skinny, slim, straight, and athletic options, perhaps one of the broadest selections at a mainstream affordable men's section of this size.

One of my favorite things about fall style is texture. Tweeds, checks, herringbones, the list goes one, and creating an outfit by combining them results in a smart, interesting look. I've built the following office Getup with all of the items from Target's new men's selection.

All from Target: The Fall Office   Men's Fashion Fall Outfit Ideas

goodfellow dress shoes

allen edmonds strand donegal tie target socks goodfellow blazer goodfellow target slim fit trousers goodfellow target oxford shirt goodfellow dress shoes

men fall textures tweed glen check

This blue speckled tie, as small as it is compared to the jacket and pants, is actually what makes this look. Herringbone and glen check are two very old patterns, it's possible with the wrong tie everything could look stuffy. The speckled tie blends nicely with the herringbone and glen check, but is clearly a modern design, bringing the rest of the Getup along with it.

TIP: The secret to mixing multiple patterns is to make sure each pattern is a different size. For example, the lines of the herringbone are much smaller than the lines of the glen check pants, and the specks on the tie are more sporadic and less uniform than the other two patterns.

If I had to pick which item I'm most impressed by in this outfit, it would have to be the jacket. It's just about impossible to find a fall herringbone jacket for under $100, and this one fit fantastically right off the rack. In fact, none of the items here have been tailored.

After that, I think the oxford would be my second favorite. It's a modern slim fit and can easily be dressed up or down. The pants look sharp and are a great buy for the price – they're a little thin, but that may not be a negative depending on the temperatures and situations you'll be wearing them in. Hard to tell if they'll put up with the wear and tear of years to come, however that may not be necessary at this price anyway.

A man wearing a suit and tie walking on a sidewalk

men brown tweed jacket Target Goodfellow

In the photos, the shoes I'm wearing are Allen Edmonds Strands in Walnut. Target offers a nice looking wingtip for $35, but it's fake leather so I decided to skip them. I'd prefer Target make a $70 shoe that is real leather, similar to what can be found at JCPenney.

target goodfellow men's fall style fashion outfit ideas

Target Goodfellow men's line blazer trousers oxford shirt tie   men outfit ideas

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