Target’s New Men’s Line Goodfellow & Co.: Fitting Room First Impressions

Target’s New Men’s Line Goodfellow & Co.: Fitting Room First Impressions
Target's new men's line is out – so how did they do?

Last month, Target announced they would be retiring a few of their house brands (Mossimo and Merona for sure, maybe others) and replacing them with an updated unified line called Goodfellow & Co. sporting modern fits and contemporary designs.

Just this week, the items became available in-store, and I headed to check it all out, stress out the fitting room lady (6 items max?? I've got a full cart here!), and give you the run down.

These are just my first fitting room impressions, and we'll be posting a detailed feature with good photographs and Getup ideas soon.

So what's the deal?

Well Target has always had a special place for the budget-minded gentleman trying to dress better. I remember when Target first opened in my hometown in rural Pennsylvania and being excited that there was a place I could buy in-style clothing that wasn't an expensive mall brand. Over the years, house lines have come and go (remember Utility?), and for a number of years Mossimo and Merona represented a safe place  to buy budget basics likes tees, OCBDs, dress shirts, slim ties that weren't 9 inches wide, shorts, some sweaters and outerwear, and even a dirt cheap suit if you needed one in an emergency.

And while these things have remained, overall it got a little stagnant. I was less and less impressed every time I went, really only going when I needed something specific like a swimsuit. If you've been around Primer for a few years, you may have noticed that we used to feature them a lot more. The big problem wasn't what Target was doing, it's what everyone else was doing.

During this timespan, other stores like H&M, Uniqlo, J.Crew Factory, Gap, and Old Navy all continued to refine and evolve their lines, and in the case of the first two, opened a ton more stores across the country making them easy to access. Once, Target was the only option in town for this style at this price point, but that was no longer the case.

So they did something drastic. They hit the nuclear option, wiped out the previous lines people had come to expect and essentially created a men's store within the bigger store, as you can see in the video below.

And my first impression? This is going to help a lot of guys improve their affordable style game.

Imagine J.Crew Factory styling (perhaps a little more conservative in terms of colors), with multiple modern fits like slim, skinny, slim straight, athletic fit and even slim big & tall across most of their shirts and jeans/pants.

Selvedge denim for $40 full price

Slim fit unstructured blazers for $40

Modern essentials like bomber jackets for $50

Chinos in multiple fits for $23

Lightweight chore-style coats for $35

I must've taken 20 items into the fitting room, but the following are the ones I thought were worth sharing at the moment. These photos were first posted to Primer's Instagram Stories where I got a lot of great feedback from you guys! If you're not following Primer on Instagram, you're missing out on some great stuff that we only post there, it's also an easy way to interact with me.

Up first, the $40 navy unstructured chino-like blazer, slim white dress shirt, and $28 black skinny jeans. The blazer fit fantastically, and produced a great silhouette. The slim dress shirt was about on-par with H&M's slim fit, which is also too slim for me, but I'm excited and glad that slimmer guys will have an affordable option to get a fitted dress shirt for under $30. Similarly, the skinny jeans were too tight for me, and generally are, unless I get them at a looser place like Gap. But for thinner guys, these black skinnies are a staple of city style.

Next up is a $50 gray tweed-ish knit sport coat (one of my absolute essentials) and $23 slim olive chinos (also available in straight and athletic fit [more thigh room, skinny leg opening]) which according to an upcoming Primer article are the second pair of pants any guy upgrading his style should buy. The OCBD is from Gap, and along with my Red Wing Iron Rangers, create a pretty solid outfit.

And finally, a really great Americana style outfit, with the $35 chore-style light jacket, $25 standard fit flannel shirt, and 14oz slim-straight selvedge denim for $40.

There's a lot more including shawl collar cardigans, henleys, and denim shirts. Stay tuned for our full feature and Getups including the collection.

Have you checked out the line yet? What are your thoughts? Chat with me in the comments!

Did you find this Fitting Room piece helpful? Want to see more? Let me know!

Here are a few lookbook photos of the rest of the collection:

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Sam U

    Damn, actually looks pretty decent, really like the flap pocket on the blazer. Doesn’t seem like it’s coming to Aus. anytime soon though.

    • Andrew

      Do you have Target it in Australia?

      • Wayne Barber

        We do have Target in Australia, but unfortunately nothing like Target in the US. It’s more a cheaper style shop

        • Andrew

          I didn’t see any raw denim in the store or online. Are you using raw to refer to color?

  • Nick

    I’m really excited about the cardigans – my local store doesn’t have them yet but I’m hopeful for them. I really like the long sleeve crew shirt and henleys. That canvas shirt jacket looks incredible, I will definitely be picking one of these up.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, mine in LA only had an XL.

  • Joseph Padilla

    Nice review! Even if I’ll only be going here if I’m in a pinch, it’s nice to see how Target is catching on to evolution as well. If they could just do more all-cotton or even waxed-cotton and steer cleer of faux leather, that’ll be great!

    Since I’m looking into that shacket/chore jacket, what size do you get for yourself? I’ve tried some of their stuff, their jackets in particular, and it seems like I’ll need to size down to a medium to trim the unnecessary extra fabric and it makes more sense especially since I plan on not closing the jacket anyway.

    But the blazer, though… Since I DO plan on buttoning the top button, that I’ll need to go for my true size.

    • Zac Silk

      As we’re on the subject of sizing I know it’s a bit off topic but what size did you go for in your H&M navy jacket you have? I went for a small and it’s a tad tight. Did you get a medium?

      • Joseph Padilla

        I went for a large, which is what I am, and it fit fine. Good thing H&M is not the type to have excess fabric in their sizes. For me, I usually go either my size or go up a size with them.

        • Zac Silk

          Thanks for the feedback Joseph! I’ve scowered EBay and found a medium and I’m hoping that fits me better than a small.

          The small is just way too tight on me, so lesson learned that H&M is true to size.

    • Andrew

      Thanks! Mine was a small, which is what I get 80% of stuff in. Agreed on the faux leather, not sure who the $40 boots are aimed at. Real leather can be had for marginally more elsewhere.

      • Ryan N

        I’m sure the vegan option is cheaper, but they also may be moving to a more animal-friendly position. Then again, I don’t think any of their shoes have actually been real leather for quite some time..

  • jbird669

    As someone who loves Target for the reasons you mentioned, this is great news.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, I’m excited!

  • Rudy Ortiz


  • Obviouslyfetch

    6 items max in the fitting room, it’s for loss prevention reasons

    • Andrew

      Haha, I know! Just kidding 🙂

  • Zac Silk

    It’s really intriguing to see how budget retailers are jumping onto menswear at the moment. I’ve seen it with Primark in the U.K offering decent quality menswear essentials at a lower price point.

    Fingers crossed this revolution spreads elsewhere. I’m still going to go to places like Gap for somethings but having the choice sure does help matters.

  • Zac Silk

    As good as the fitting room piece was the olive chinos feature sounds right up my street. I’ve been singing their praises for a while and with the Gap OCBD pretty much make up my 9-5.

    I’m hoping Gap outlet stores keep stocking their OCBD’s. They remind me of a poplin type marital but with the structure of an Oxford.

    • Andrew

      Yesssssssssss 🙂

  • Ray

    Does anyone know what kind of boot the Target models are wearing?

  • Ben

    Slim Big and Tall? Super interested to see how that plays out. I have yet to find many solutions for guys of my proportions and we are as many in number as we are Herculean.

    Where in PA did you grow up, Andrew? I grew up outside of Pittsburgh in the Westmoreland county area.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, it might be online only but still great to see it. J.Crew & Factory and Old Navy/Gap all have tall options online as well. What kind of proportions are you?

      A small town outside of Altoona! My parents are from the Johnston/Somerset areas. Where are you now?

      • Ben

        Currently in Latrobe, so not far from there at all! Small world!

        I’m 6’4″ and 275lbs. I typically fit an XL tall off the rack but find myself buying more and more bespoke items. I get all of my dress shirts from Proper Cloth now. I get my basics from Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and J. Crew.

  • Jeff M

    I was in there last Friday and tried on the Navy OCBD Standard fit, a Maroon Henley and a Navy T-shirt. The button down was too tight in the chest/shoulders (I have very broad shoulders so this may not be an issue for others) but everywhere else fit good. The Henley and the T-Shirt both fit pretty well but I didn’t get either one based on what the material felt like.

    I was meaning to try on the slim chinos so I’m glad you mentioned them here. I’m going to have to check those out.

  • Scott

    This might be what I needed to finally jump into the selvedge denim game, and I’ve been needing some new chinos and a gray jacket, so this is looking extremely promising.

    • Andrew

      Definitely a great place to start for not a lot of money!

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    I picked up the flannel shirt jacket (|adaptpdph3|viewed_bought|adaptpdph3|52506595|3) last weekend, and it’s built a lot like the chore coat-side pockets, room for layers, the works. The plaid is really subtle-should work with a lot of outfits!

    Hoping my Target has even more stuff on the floor-I’ve heard good things about both blazers.

    • Andrew

      Nice, I liked that as well!

  • rogun

    Thanks for the review Andrew! I ordered a couple of pieces and will pick them up tomorrow, which will give me a chance to try out some other items. I’m interested in the chinos and will check out the selvedge jeans, but I’m sorta disappointed with the materials listed for many items. Tbh, I was hoping for better quality.

    I think Utility was one of Target’s first brands after introducing fashionable men’s clothing. Some of it was very good for the price, but unfortunately, I could never find my size. Hopefully Goodfellow will be better, but I’ve already noticed the lack of selvedge denim in my size (32×34) on their website.

    It’s still a nice option to have, though.

  • Christopher Pauley

    I was very impressed with the products that hit the retail stores. Pricing is pretty good and if they do any sales at all it becomes dirt cheap. I live in an area where I don’t have a JCF, J Crew, Gap, anything at all like a men’s store or higher-end clothing store. I am happy to order online but I’m not the type to return anything. Being able to try on different fits is a huge advantage. I think this was a good call on their part and I hope it does very well.

  • Jay Pounder

    I just bought two pairs of their “athletic” chinos and they are amazing… the fit is great and I am really impressed with what I am seeing. Infact I plan on beginging to pull in pieces from them monthly as long as they carry the line… So glad they did it… Merona and their other line were garbage and were very W.T if you know that I mean… seriously not flattering stuff or grown up at all… Good job Target!

  • rychastings

    looks good, but target stuff like that sometimes skimps on quality and fit and finish

  • Kaelin Locker

    I read his article and was excited to check it out for myself. I’m actually pretty impressed with the line overall however the raw denim is not actual selvedge which was a huge let down. Maybe consider correcting that in your article,m or maybe my target just didn’t have it.

    • Andrew

      Can you clarify what you mean? I didn’t see any rod denim, but the slim straight I tried on definitely had a selvedge edge.

      • Kaelin Locker

        Hmm.. actual selvedge as in having a selvedge edge on the interior as you mentioned.. my experience was the opposite; the raw denim had no selvedge edge.. maybe just not at my target or maybe another display that I overlooked..

  • Ross

    I’m proud to say I am from Minnesota and had a relative working for Target Corporate specifically on the Menswear department to bring this collection to life. The slim straight jeans are the best slim straight fit that I have ever seen! My only disappointment is that they don’t have all the washes available in all the fits but I am hoping that is coming shortly.

    On an unrelated note, I was hoping to get some help picking out a weekend duffle. I would like one that is versatile enough that it can be used in a professional as well as a casual setting. My concern is that I will pick out a bag that looks too casual and i will come across as immature or unprofessional. However, I would like to be able to use the page on casual, personal adventures without appearing to be stuffy. I am looking at two models from Buffalo Jackson and would like some pointers on which one (if either) would work for what I need it for. The links are below. Thanks Andrew!:

    • Andrew

      Ohhh yeeeeeeah! I like both of those.

      • Ross

        Would you recommend one over the other? Does either one work better for both business and casual?

        • Andrew

          They’re both super nice bags with similar leather accents, I think either one will look great in professional and casual settings.

  • detroitdandy

    I grabbed the striped crewneck sweater (cream w/blue stripes), the white sneakers, and a grey crewneck sweatshirt today. Loving them so far. The sweatshirt’s sleeves even fit my arms, which is a downright miracle considering I’m 6’4″ with an 80″ wingspan. Not sure about the quality of the sneakers yet, but at $30, as long as they last 1/2 as long as my Stan Smiths typically do, it’s still a net positive.

    • Andrew


  • EnnZee

    I went out yesterday and got the olive blazer and their chukkas. Pretty solid deal and they look decent, though the blazer is a bit more olive than the photos show.

  • Nancy Goodfellow

    Waiting for your ladies/women’s lines, now!

  • T R D

    Are the selvedge denim raw?

    • Andrew

      No, they’re different things. Sometimes a pair of jeans will be both but not always.

      • T R D

        Oh ok so just selvedge not raw. Thanks

  • Alberto Lora

    Really loving this new collection from Target. Picked up the Wool Poly Bomber Jacket and a crew neck sweater yesterday. I’m a bigger guy, 6’3″ 320lbs, football player build. 2XL fits really well in the standard fit items.

  • Steve Hamaker

    I’m a little late to the discussion but I wondered if you tried their new line of shoes? Target traditionally was weak in the shoe game but their new Goodfellow line of shoes seems pretty great with a workable price point. Just curious if you had any thoughts, Andrew. Thanks!

  • Tyler

    Do you buy jeans longer to get the roll? Do you buy jeans shorter to be at the ankles or are they special styles?

    • Andrew

      A 30 inseam is the standard shortest most places have, at least in store, and that’s a smidge more of a break than I like which lends to roll.

  • Canaan Breen

    I have been wearing the Mossimo v-neck tees for years. went in to Target to stock up to find the Goodfellow replacements. The Goodfellow tees don’t compare. They’re cut is poor and the material in the collars didn’t handle 3 washes before they lost there shape. I don’t care how they fit brand new, what matters is how do they hold up? If the tees are any indication of the quality, i’d recommend staying away from this line.

  • Martin

    Agree 🙂 Looks very decent!

    I think that leather bags from would match this style!

  • DJ

    Can you point me to the article mentioned about olive chinos here: “Next up is a $50 gray tweed-ish knit sport coat (one of my absolute essentials) and $23 slim olive chinos (also available in straight and athletic fit [more thigh room, skinny leg opening]) which according to an upcoming Primer article are the second pair of pants any guy upgrading his style should buy.”

  • Bobby

    So Andrew. Thanks for giving me the scoop on what had happened to the Target mens dept. I got a gift card and went into a Target to use it, and the Mens dept was so small. It was like an after thought. I went to one in Pasadena yesterday, and alas, the same mens clothing, but the dept wasnt’ that much bigger. I’m not in your age bracket, so to go to a store that used to have a large selection to choose from, and then seeing this tiny dept, with nothing appealing, it makes me think my gift card is going to be used for wine. Thank you for your well written piece.