The Best Affordable Men’s Swim Trunks

affordable men swimwear
best mens swimsuit - affordable swim trunks

Get these from Target for only $18

We searched to find swim trunks with the best style (and price)

This summer look your best at the pool or beach in a pair of our preferred swim trunks. With over 41 affordable swimsuits from a range of brands, find a pair that's trim and modern. We've sorted our swimwear by price, but you can also filter them by length, with our default pick being mid-length hitting half way to three-fourths down the thigh. If you'd like a little more length, choose “knee” which should fall above your kneecap when properly fitted. Proud of those gams? The “short” filter will provide swim trunks with a 7″ inseam or less.

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Now that you've got your stylish swim trunks, get the rest of your beach vacation essentials

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  • Andrew

    Hey guys! Curious which style/pair is your favorite!

    • JohnnySnow626

      Well, I generally like this new hybrid swim/casual short trend. The Target Hybrid example caught my eye in-store the other week.

      Personally, I currently own a pair of Quiksilver Amphibian hybrids, and a pair of navy Gap trunks from the other year.

      • Andrew

        Yeah me too! I think hybrids are really useful and look sharp.

    • Jason Schwass

      I own the JCrew Colorblock and love them. Speedo also has a nice affordable pair.

      • Andrew

        Oh nice, Good picks

  • diversification

    Generally, I have trouble finding shorts and swim trunks that work. I need between a 7.5 and 9 inseam for swim trunks, and I need them to be slim/skinny cut without being jammers. For some reason, not a lot of places make this type of thing. Looking at this list, you can tell that most of these swim trunks get a bit baggy at the leg opening. Perhaps it’s for range of movement, perhaps it’s to keep the material off your skin when trying to dry off, or perhaps (and this is my bet) the industry wants to sell to as wide (pun intended) and audience as possible, so they make them full fitting.

    The tall slim guys like myself are left with swim suits that are either too short, too baggy, too long, and very few suits that are actually flattering to our bodies.

    If you have any personal experience with any of these suits and can recommend the slimmest of the bunch, I certainly know I’d appreciate it.

    • Andrew

      The Target ones I have pictured at the top I’d say have a slimmer opening, and their Ibiza pair as well as some of the Abercrombie options fit closer to what you’re looking for I think.

  • Matt Cleary

    Long time Primer reader and selfless plug but my brother, buddy and I started a swim company for men. Aimed at great design and fun colorways that have a retro feel. Would love any Primer readers to try and offer feedback.

    • Andrew

      Fun name 😂

  • Serafin Nunez

    I like the classic board shorts from Abercrombie… the look at least; I know nothing about the fit. I usually get my swimwear from REI. I hit up their Garage (outlet) deals.

    • Andrew

      How cheap do they get at the the Garage deals?

      • Serafin

        Usually 20-50% of retail… Their options are pretty limited right now because swimwear is in-season.’s clearance site has similar brands but more of a selection.

  • Zac Silk

    The j Crew multi stripe looks like my pick. It would fit perfectly with a plain white tee.

    I like the look of swim shorts that can double as shorts for th beach. But the Olander Brown pair are just too expensive for me.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, agreed!

  • Alberto Lora

    I grabbed the solid blue pair from target. Great fit!

    • Andrew

      Awesome! Glad you like them. 🙂