The Endorsement: The Rose Gold Watch

brathwait rose gold watch

The Endorsement: The Rose Gold Watch

For years most men had one option when it came to the metal of their watch: silver. Bright yellow gold seemed to be the choice for old guys like your dentist, who had been sporting their blingy timepiece since the 70’s when the precious metal was more popular.

And while silver watches are still beautiful and classic, things did start to feel…limited. That’s all changed with the resurgence of rose gold; an alloy made by mixing gold and copper, which first became popular at the turn of the 18th century. The best part? Rose gold looks great on any skin tone and pairs well with any color.

Rose gold is more muted than it’s flashy yellow father, creating a sophisticated, detailed look without feeling like you’re a teenage girl wearing a gold Michael Kors tank on her wrist. It has the perks of both gold and silver; a timeless class with a gentlemanly subtlety.

Our pick is this clean, open design from Brathwait, the cut-out-the-middleman brand creating minimalist timepieces with the components of luxury brands. Quickly becoming the Everlane / Warby Parker of the watch world, Braithwait participates in radical marketing transparency including their cost of each of the components as well as their markup.

The Classic Slim Watch shown here features a handmade Italian calf leather strap, but is also available in several sharp NATO straps.

Pick up the Classic Slim for $185 with a leather strap or $150 with a NATO.

rose gold watch brathwait

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