Casual Style

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Casual Style

If 'casual' to you means old jeans and a baggy t-shirt, it means 'homeless look' to anyone who catches a glimpse of you. Keep up your appearance while staying comfortable and casual with these easy, ... [more]

The Boat Shoe: Primer Approved

Not owning a boat is no reason to not have a pair of boat shoes in your footwear arsenal. With a timeless look and a versatile style, you'll look great at a company barbecue or just heading out in ... [more]
The Denim Dictionary – Washes

The Denim Dictionary – Washes

There's nothing more masculine in a man's closet than his jeans. Tried and true, denim has been a staple to a hard working man's attire for over 150 years. Like a suit, there are rules to be followed ... [more]