31 Affordable Items for a Man’s Home from a Recent Walk Through Ikea

31 Affordable Items for a Man’s Home from a Recent Walk Through Ikea
Outfit your place, save money, and no one will ever know you bought it from Ikea.

Ikea has always been a savior for young people trying to equip their places. But it used to be everything kind of…well, looked like it was from Ikea.  These days, you can easily find beautifully designed, modern home pieces for reasonable prices. I recently took a stroll through my local Ikea, and these were the items that stood out to me. Like something you see? Let's have a conversation in the comments!

31 Affordable Items for a Man's Apartment from a Recent Walk Through Ikea

Glass Door Cabinet, $60

glass door cabinet shelves

Hey, if you've got some sweet memorabilia, toys, or other things usually condemned as “not adult” the easy fix is displaying them intentionally. This glass cabinet is narrow and affordable and will elevate that Ghostbusters neutrona wand into a real art piece.

Glass Door Cabinet, $159

glass door cabinet

If you have more of an industrial preference, this metal cabinet would work great. Alternatively, if you've got a hefty whiskey collection, this would make a nice, functional way to store it.

Table Lamp, $25

table lamp with led bulb

Function meets form with this lantern-inspired design that features an LED lightbulb.

Walnut Coffee Table, $249

walnut coffee table

The best bigger items are transitional: This wooden coffee table would look great when paired with mid-century, boho, or farmhouse decor, allowing you to continue using it long after your style preferences change.

Towel Rail, $7

black metal towel rack rail

Speaking of modern, a dirt cheap way to upgrade that ugly 90s towel rack in the bathroom is with this black $7 rail.

3-Piece Bathroom Set, $15

black three piece bathroom set

These handsome matte black bathroom sink items will do wonders for elevating a messy bathroom.

Utility Cart, $129

wood and metal utility cart

Whether you use it as a bar cart, a workstation, a prep table, storage, or an actual tool cart, the utility aesthetic will fit in with all types of interior decor styles.

Floor Mirror, $129

floor mirror

Mirrors not only help rooms feel larger and bounce light, beautifully designed mirrors like this one act as decor too.

Storage Unit on Casters, $129

metal storage unit on casters

Got a few more things than your closet can hold? This sturdy cart can accommodate hangers as well as boxes, something most clothing racks don't.

Sectional Sofa, 5-Seat Corner, $1,399

grey sectional sofa

$1400 may not sound “affordable” until you consider how much this full-sized design would cost from other living room sofa retailers.

Anthracite Armchair, $199

wood frame armchair

A simple, classic lounge chair that's minimalist and masculine.

Nickel Floor Lamp, $35

nickel floor reading lamp

This LED floor lamp has a space-age design and it's small form is ideal for less-roomy spaces.

Pendant Lamp Shade, $20

pendant design lamp shade

One of the ugliest and most outdated parts of rentals is usually the light fixtures. You don't have to spend a ton to replace them with something a little more modern.

Anthracite and Birch Side Table, $119

anthracite and birch side table

A sharp combination of grey and light birch wood.

Coffee Table, $50

coffee table

This low side table gives you the benefits of a place to stash your drinks, remotes, and phone, without the bulk of many traditional styles.

Side Table with Storage, $60

side table with storage

If you've been following along on Primer for awhile, you'll know this looks a lot like one of our most popular DIY projects – except this one is budget-friendly enough you might as well and just buy it.

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Entertainment Center Console, $209

ikea besta drawer

Get away from the go-to black or industrial TV stand and add a pop of modern. The Besta platform offers multiple configurations and you can even design your own. I've had this stand for a couple of years now and still dig it.

Narrow Book Shelf, $70

lack bookshelf

An easy way to give yourself some functional storage for books and decorations that won't eat up the floor plan.

Floor Lamp, $70

black floor lamp with bulb

If your style is rugged, what could be more so than this floor lamp in the spirit of a giant drafting light?

Wing Chair (ottoman sold separately), $279

dark green wing chair

Sure, every guy wants a leather chair – but good ones cost a lot of money. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for something without personality.

Storage Box, $5

white storage box

Having “lots of things” only looks bad when those things don't have a proper place. Use stylish but affordable bins like this to give your gear a home.

Walnut Side Board, $449

walnut side board

One of the more expensive items on the list – that also looks the least like it came from Ikea. You could use a side board like this for a lot of uses, from a bar stand to a TV stand to a record player console.

Oak Veneer Table, $629

oak veneer table

Imagine a modernist designer retires to an old farm and takes up woodworking. This is is the beautiful table he would make.

Marble Floor Lamp, $289

marble floor lamp with bulb

This lamp looks like it's straight from the future. It features a unique smoked glass top connect by a wood shaft to a hefty marble base.

Shelving Unit with Cabinet, $138

shelving unit with cabinet

Give that patio space some function with an outdoor shelving unit like the Kolbjorn.

Tobias Chair, $79

transparent blue and chrome plated chair

Some guys can have a hard time introducing color into their home decor – the Tobias is a tastefully subtle and modern way to do it. Surround it with wood, white, or black and it will look amazing.

Bronze Utility Cart, $159

bronze utility cart

Bronze is an awesome metal to incorporate: It has a vintage vibe and doesn't have the baggage gold can come with.

Black Wood Hangers, 8-pack, $6

black wood hangers

Ikea remains one of the best in the game for providing affordable wood hangers, which help protect and preserve the shape and condition of your clothes.

Wardrobe Combination, $126

wardrobe combination storage unit

The Jonaxel system is a freestanding alternative to some of Ikea's other wardrobe options and is highly configurable. Build yours with their neat planner tool.

Steel Storage Basket Unit, $45

white steel storage basket unit

Or, if you just need some additional drawers for t-shirts or workbench gear you can grab the shorter Jonaxel frame.

Clothes Rack, $70

clothes rack

Don't have much in the way of closet space, or need something for your coats and shoes by the door? This freestanding clothing rack has a decent amount of space for its smaller footprint.

Shoe Rack, $5

wire shoe rack

Give your closet additional space on the floor for storage with this mega budget-friendly shoe rack.

Do you have some recent Ikea favorites? Keep the list going in the comments!

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