Deal Alert: 30% Off USA-Made Flint And Tinder Unlined Waxed Trucker Jacket

Deal Alert: 30% Off USA-Made Flint And Tinder Unlined Waxed Trucker Jacket
This Primer reader favorite is 30% off, the lowest price for the rest of the season.

Update: This sale has ended.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Flint and Tinder and the brand’s line of well-made, hard-wearing wardrobe staples. Regular Primer readers are probably familiar with us waxing rhapsodic about the top-selling waxed trucker jacket. For good reason: this handsomely rugged piece of outerwear gets better every time it’s worn. That’s why it tops several of our best-of lists:

The jacket perfectly balances comfort and durability—not to mention style and practicality. It doesn’t just reference classic American workwear, either: the jacket (along with most of Flint and Tinder’s line) is cut, sewn, and finished in LA. (Read our post about some American brands that have been rocking it for over 100 years).

Available in 4 colors and featuring a tough weather-resistant sailcloth exterior without the flannel lining of the version I have, this is the type of piece you could toss on in warmer regions and still be comfortable. Like it's denim brethren, it's one of those perfect light outer layers that you don't have to take off once you get to a bar or wherever you're going.

What is a trucker jacket? Read our fascinating guide!

The flannel-lined version provided to us for: Live Action Getup: It's Not Spring Just Yet | Want more video?  Follow Primer on Youtube!

Thanks to its minimalist styling, the jacket has timeless appeal. You’ll still be wearing it next year, or even in 10 years, without looking dated. This unlined version is a competitor to the similarly USA-made Rogue Territory waxed jacket that is featured by James Bond in No Time to Die.


james bond tan jacket no time to die

The Unlined Flint & Tinder jacket is a great budget-friendlier alternative to the No Time to Die jacket I'm wearing here and is still USA made.

And right now, this essential is on sale for 30% off the usual price for a limited time, unclear when the sale ends so don't hesitate if you're thinking about it.

Which color is your favorite—and how are you going to style it? Let us know in the comments.

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