High Low: 9 Investment Decor Picks & Their Budget Alternatives

Every home needs a few statement pieces—those bold areas in a room that catch your eye and elevate the space from unremarkable to striking. “Striking” doesn’t have to mean “sacrificial,” though, as our list of statement pieces for your home proves. If splurging on a certain item isn’t an option right now, with a little creativity and deeper searching, you can find budget-friendly alternatives for pricier pieces, and still make your room stand out.

a wooden stool under a table

Classy Side Table

Side tables that comfortably slide over your couch are great for those evenings when you’re ready to veg out and watch some Netflix while eating dinner, and are also a space-saving option when you can’t fit a coffee table in your living room, but need a spot for guests’ drinks.



The solid grain of this oak side table contrasts handsomely against the minimalist iron base.

article side table

side table home decor


Primer Magazine

Less online shopping, more shop class–this one’s an easy DIY favorite from Primer.

Zig-Zag Decorative Pillow

A zig-zag pattern with bold black and white stripes offers a modern twist on a classic look that works well with almost any home decor theme.



This handsome, versatile flatweave graphic pillow reverses to a solid white background; choose a feather or down alternative insert.

cb2 bias pillow home decor

wellston throw pillow home decor



Undulating chevrons make this pillow bold, without being busy, and the embroidered design adds more interest and dimensionality than a print.

Nature-Inspired Lighting Fixture

Lighting fixtures offer an unexpected way to introduce a warm, organic aspect (and an extra lighting source, which is almost always a good idea) to your space using natural jute or bamboo.



This pendant’s graceful mid-century silhouette gains warmth and textural appeal from an earthy jute shell.

bungalow pendant light home decor

bamboo pendant light home decor


Urban Outfitters

A structural bamboo cage feels more intentional than the typical chrome or fabric shade.

Realistic Biophilic Element

Adding in a touch of nature into your room adds beauty and a sense of liveliness (even if your black thumb necessitates that the plants be faux). Interested in caring for real houseplants? Read our guide: I Have Over 50 Plants in my LA Apartment, So I Put Together a Quick and Simple Plant Guide


Urban Outfitters

The leaves of this artificial tree are so lush and realistic that you’ll be tempted to hire someone to water it when you go on vacation.

eva curcuma potted tree home decor

fopamtri artificial potted tree home decor



Your home is probably more urban than jungle, but this faux monstera palm tree will have you hearing the call of the wild.

Solid Coffee Table

Solid coffee tables make a huge statement piece for any living room. We’ve found two options here, but also watch for great deals on marble plinth coffee tables, which tend to be more expensive but are equally eye-catching.


Pier 1

Hand-hewn from mango wood, this sculptural piece is roomy enough for a collection of decorative objects, a massive jigsaw puzzle, or an assortment of snacks for the big game.

avani coffee table home decor

carshalt coffee table home decor



The warm natural grain of this solid wood table is at home in a variety of decor styles–modern, rustic, and industrial, to name just a few.

Giant Art Piece

While gallery walls can be an attractive way to show off your travels and various art finds, they require a lot of planning and creativity. Why not keep it simple and fill up that wall with one colossal art piece instead?


Society 6

Vibrant yet soothing, this mural is basically a giant, upscale decal–no hardware necessary.

society 6 wall art

free us rivers map download home decor


Primer Magazine

You can scale this print to fit–it’s a great piece that’s Americana without getting all “MURICA!” in your face.

Modern Bar Stool

We love the versatile look of a modern, industrial-style furniture piece. The mixture of wood and metal elements look masculine but feel warm, and we think these bar stools would be the perfect complement to any bachelor pad with high kitchen countertops.


Restoration Hardware

The juxtaposition of oak and iron is rustic, yet modern, and the wood’s natural stain will look great against most color schemes.

restoration hardware stool home decor

rivet bar stool home decor



Clean, sculptural lines and a curved seat make this stool both comfortable and classic.

Statement Rug

Rugs are often overlooked when guys decorate their apartments, due to their expense and their perceived levels of upkeep, but their ability to define a room is undeniable and worth the investment.


The Citizenry

The contrast between a bold graphic design and a soft grey palette is an ideal foundation for your room, whether you favor neutrals or more colorful items.

citizenry rug

apt2b rug



With a soft pile, soothing palette, and geometric motifs, this tasseled rug packs a serious design punch in just 80 square feet.

Clever Clock

While these days it might be more common for you to reach for your phone to tell the time than to look for a clock, analog timepieces are still a smart way to add functional flair to your wall. Clocks with more modern aesthetics are everywhere now, and are a far cry from their stodgy-looking Roman numeral predecessors.



Own a piece of modern Scandinavian design at its finest and most functional with this abstract piece, handmade in Oslo.

oak wood sweep wall clock home decor

wall clock home decor



Who says you can’t be both handsome and punctual? Not this clock, that’s for darn sure.

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