Tired of Blowing Out Your Jeans? This Denim Has Kevlar Built In

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When Flint & Tinder made our best slim jeans list, we thought the bar for high-quality, American-made denim had been raised about as high as it could go. Then those magnificent bastards went ahead and reinforced their premium selvage denim with Kevlar.

Initially developed by chemist Stephanie Kwolek to make racing tires stronger, Kevlar is commonly used in items that need to stand up to a lot of use and abuse. Like body armor. Cables for suspension bridges. High-performance cars. And now, these incredibly strong jeans.

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The team at Flint & Tinder was tired of losing their jeans to blowouts just as they reached that perfectly worn-in look and feel. (If you’re a quadzilla whose muscular legs have destroyed more than one pair of pants, you know the feeling. #gainz)

Rather than skipping leg day, they turned to a material that’s five times stronger than steel to enhance the durability of the pants you rely on day in and day out.

While other apparel that’s made with Kevlar (like motorcycle gear) tends to be stiff and unwieldy, each pair of Defender Denim jeans is designed to be easy to wear from the moment you try it on. Woven on traditional shuttle looms by Kaihara, the oldest textile mill in Japan, the resulting fabric is as comfortable as it is tough.

Each pair of ruggedly handsome jeans is handmade in LA with Flint & Tinder’s obsessive attention to detail: classic five-pocket design, contrast stitching, antique metal buttons, and a zip fly that’s promised to “last as long as the denim”.

Choose between two cuts — slim or tapered fit — to find the style that’s best for your body. Both read as modern and versatile, so dress your pair up with a collared shirt and dress shoes, or get ready to kick some ass in boots, a tee, and a trucker jacket. Whatever you throw at them, these jeans can take it. And more.

Find out more about the Defender jeans on Huckberry

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