James Bond’s New Sunglasses in “No Time to Die” + Affordable Alternatives

James Bond’s New Sunglasses in “No Time to Die” + Affordable Alternatives
See the world from Bond’s point of view.

It’s vital for a secret agent to blend in. But when you’re an iconic spy of page and screen, you also have to stand out. That’s why everything James Bond does, he does with style.

Bond has been a major influence on men’s fashion since Dr. No premeried in 1962. And while 007’s wardrobe has changed with the times, some key pieces have become his hallmarks. (We did a round-up of the brands of Bond, if you’re curious.)

The cars. The suits. The watches. Over the years, the films’ designers and costume departments have established distinctive motifs that say “Bond. James Bond.” as confidently and definitively as a vodka martini.

Shaken, not stirred, of course.

In 2020, Daniel Craig will once again suit up to play Bond in No Time to Die (up until recently known as “Bond 25”). The press photos show few surprises–clean-shaven and well coiffed, Craig is dressed to kill in a glen check suit, a favorite Bond style dating back to the beginning. (Here’s how you can get Craig’s Skyfall look for less. Want to go the extra mile? Change up your hairstyle for Craig’s classic cut.)

On his wrist is another 007 essential: a diver’s watch. It’s hard to tell the details of the model from the photos, but some 007 style aficionados have speculated that it’s the classic Bond choice: an Omega Seamaster. If you don’t have several thousand dollars (or access to a top of the line timepiece provided by Q), check out our favorite diver's watches under $500.

So far, this all feels very par for the course for Bond. One thing sticks out as new and unexpected: his sunglasses.

no time to die sunglasses

Over the course of more than 20 films, Bond has often shielded his eyes with Persol or Tom Ford shades. Handsome, but otherwise unremarkable–except as a vehicle for some high-tech gadgetry.

Craig is wearing a pair of black-framed Barton Perreira sunglasses with the simple moniker of “Joe”. But the unpretentious name of this model belies its distinctive silhouette. The angular acetate frame is thicker than what Bond has worn in previous films, with square lenses rather than a traditional rectangular or pilot shape. Instead of a “keyhole” bridge, which creates a more retro feel, the bridge is smoothed out. The effect is striking and modern, and more sophisticated than a performance-based aviator lens.

The Joe is available for pre-order in December, and you can get the similar Heptone model from them now. But if shelling out $400, for sunglasses isn’t your thing, we’ve got a few other options. Below you'll find the options compared to the real thing, with arrows point out notable deviations.

At first glance, you may assume that a classic wayfarer style pair of sunglasses would be the easy way to go, but in our first comparison, you can see the angles and design are actually quite different:

james bond wayfarer

affordable alternatives to James Bond No time to Die sunglasses

Carfia Chic

Amazon, $21

The metal accents on the frame and temples here are a nice touch.

mvmt james bond sunglasses no time to die budget

MVMT Ritual

MVMT, $49

The “Ritual” style from MVMT is a good match, especially if you choose black frames. The dark green lenses aren’t an exact match, but the shape of the bridge is very close.

no time to die warby parker

Warby Parker Barkley

Warby Parker, $95

If you have a wider face or higher cheekbones, the low bridge Barkley might be more comfortable for you.

classic specs no time to die alternative

Classic Specs Prescott

Classic Specs, $89

Although slightly more geometric, the Prescott is a handsome alternative.

Are you taking any style cues from Bond this time around? What’s your favorite fantasy piece of Bond gear?

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