Free Art Printable: Minimalist Military Alphabet – Infinitely Scalable

Free Art Printable:

Minimalist Military Alphabet – Infinitely Scalable

Hanging art representative of your personal interior style is an essential part to making your place feel like a home. The problem? Art – and the framing of it – is shockingly expensive.

That's why we've been creating and offering art prints you can download and print for free since 2013. The benefit goes beyond just saving on the price of art: You're able to print the art to fit both the space you need it for and the framing you have available to you.

I actually find that starting with a frame first is the most important part of not spending a ton of money on art. If you start with the art first, you're left having to either buy whatever size is closest enough to the art to fit, possibly causing wonky matting or positioning or overpaying for custom framing.

With this minimalist, Nordic-inspired art print, it's vector based, meaning you can scale it up as large as you want it to be. Fill a wall. Or decorate a side table.

Shown here in Ikea's $19 white Ribba frame, I like the way the simple, thin lines of the frame accentuate the print's negative white space. The result is a clean, modern home decor look

free art printable - minimalist art - masculine interior bedroom decor

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Affordable Art Printing

If you've been following Primer's intentional home features, you know we're big fans of the engineering print for creating large art for dirt cheap prices. These are created on blueprint printers and can be either black and white or color. They're not intended for high-resolution photos, but for simple, high contrast designs like our $30 giant map project or $22 DIY hanging lunar landing print its perfect. And for $7.99 at Staples, it's impossible to beat.

The only problem? Some readers have found certain Staples locations won't print anything that isn't a blueprint on their blueprint printers. I've printed many at my local store, by uploading and ordering through the Staples Print website then picking up in store. However, for this project, I tried to go into the store to order the print and was told I'd have to order an $89 poster. Nah. So try Staples first, but I would recommend uploading on the site and picking up in store. If they refuse, then…

free modern art printable download ribba frame

FedEx Kinkos Temporary Prints

I actually found a similar option but is actually advertised for uses like this, instead of dealing with will-they-or-won't-they situations. Looking for alternate affordable printing solutions, I came across the Temporary Prints option from FedEx, which is intended for school projects and other presentation graphics that don't require the paper or print quality some may expect from poster prints.

Pricing is based on the amount of color is in the graphic, either “Accent Color (Under 25% of the image in color) or “Economy Color”. Since this project falls under the Accent Color option, it was only $1.99 per square foot. The final print ended up being about $11, a couple bucks more than an engineering print but the process was fast, easy, and self-service, and there was no risk of wasting time if Staples didn't want to do it.

military art free print - Scandinavian interior

(Like this side table? It's our next DIY project – and spoiler alert it's super easy and cheap to make.)

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.


  • Reply June 11, 2018


    Hi Andrew, I really like the Ribba frames, but I live about 3 hours from the nearest IKEA, and shipping anything from IKEA is a minimum $30. Do you have any other suggestions for framing?

    • Reply June 11, 2018


      Unfortunately not much. Poster frames are so expensive elsewhere, and usually not as modern. You can try places like Wal-Mart and Target, or do the DIY hanger that we did for the lunar map. Affordable frames are completely lacking in the market.

    • Reply June 12, 2018


      Hi! I’m fortunate to live within an 1 hour from two IKEAs one in Sweden the other in Norway. I use to make a Google keep or evernote list with items I need/want and after a while when I have collected enough items it just make sense to drive to the shop. and you can enjoy a swedish meatball meal!

  • Reply June 11, 2018


    It was 1998 when I went into my high school’s Marine Corps JROTC room and sheepishly asked for the “military alphabet.”. The instructor silently grabbed a binder and pulled a page from it, made a copy, and handed it to me. I memorized it from then on, and it has been indispensable for making orders over the phone ever since. I’m glad to see it in poster form.

  • Reply June 12, 2018

    Zac Silk

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated the home ideas more and more. This seems like a great idea for a printable, as I use the NATO alphabet everyday.

    I’m also planning a trip to IKEA so i’ll have to pick up some Ribba frames as well.

  • Reply June 12, 2018


    Any reason Costco wouldn’t work for printing? I’ve printed posters with them before and at an incredibly reasonable price. Just curious if you tried or ran into issues.

    • Reply June 14, 2018


      I love Costco printing and use it for poster size prints. Engineering prints are larger and cheaper, though the paper and print is not as nice. Some Costco’s don’t print the larger sizes.

  • Reply July 9, 2018

    Ed Ives

    Hi Andrew, love the article! I’m looking forward to your guide for building the table!

  • Reply August 26, 2018


    When are we getting the DIY for that side table? I feel like we’ve been waiting for ever?

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