Live Action Getup: Casual Saturday

Live Action Getup: Casual Saturday
When it’s layer weather – but not yet all-day layer weather – it can feel like we’re only wearing part of our outfit without all of the intended layers. This banded two-tone henley is interesting enough on its own, while the addition of the suede jacket creates a whole new casual style when the evening temperature starts to dip.

men casual style
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casual men outfit henley jeans nike killshot
suede leather trucker jacket
gap football henley
nike killshots gum sole
shane book

Shane Martin is an avid Primer reader and founder of Lean Mean Creative Machine, a design and marketing agency based in Los Angeles.

  • Zac Silk

    Really nice simple getup Shane. I haven’t had a chance to see the banded henley’s Gap are offering this season, but they look really good here.

    The suede jacket also looks great, since finding a leather jacket from All Saints they seem to be my go to brand for investment pieces.

    The lighter wash denim and gum sole sneakers really tie it all together, it’s so funny how the simplist getups are usually the most enjoyable to wear.

    • Andrew

      Glad you kept it! 🤗🙌🏻

      • Zac Silk

        Me too! Definitely worth the inicital investment!

  • Mike K

    You lost me at the rolled up cuffs. Sorry.

    • Andrew

      You could just not roll your cuffs?

  • Gary

    What if you have muscular thighs?

    • Joey Lenz

      Gap athletic fit, old navy athletic fit, uniqlo ezy jeans, bonobos athletic fit. Taper below knee if necessary. Not a fan of Levis quality at any price and the 541 is NOT suitable for even moderately big thighs despite what Levis claims.

    • Andrew

      What brand/fit do you generally go for?

  • Joseph Padilla

    Man, so glad you shone the light on AllSaints here. They rock! Now I wonder: Suede biker, bomber or shacket? And if there’s something I’m sure of: I’ll be going for either black, navy or olive for suede!

    • Zac Silk

      If it were me I’d lean towards a trucker. Think we’ve both got biker’s and bombers so a trucker might add some variety. As for colour olive suede seems dynamite but can’t go wrong with classic navy, as you know.

      • Andrew


  • Michael Flavor

    Nice outfit, but I’m of the opinion that if it’s cool enough for a jacket, it’s cool enough to wear socks.

    The first idea that came to my mind was something with a little bit of pattern, but still in the same general color scheme. Here’s an $8 option from The Tie Bar:

    • Andrew

      I like those socks. Good find.

  • everlast

    Andrew most of your getups tend to hit the spot, but I have to call out that a $392 jacket (as the cheapest option) is hardly in line with your site’s mission statement:

    “Affordable style, self-development, how-tos, and apartment DIY for the aspiring gentleman.”

    • Andrew

      We don’t feature fake leather jackets, so as far as they go, these are about as affordable as they get. We have always featured shoes like Allen Edmonds and Red Wing because they’re American made and built to last, but they’re $300+ as well. You have to decide which pieces work for your wardrobe, style, and budget.

  • Jason Schwass

    Love the look. What’s the wash of the jeans?

    • Andrew

      Lake Anza stretch

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  • ZippiLeather

    Nice outfit and style.Biker jackets give you style and comfort at the same time.Keep rocking!!!