The Shirt Company with 75 Sizes Now Makes Tees & Polos

The Shirt Company with 75 Sizes Now Makes Tees & Polos
For the 85% of us that don't fit into small, medium, and large.
Stantt Logo I'm constantly frustrated with off-the-rack sizing so I'm proud to partner with Stantt on this post, go check out their Kickstarter campaign!

What is this?

You know that triple constraint rule that says when you're given 3 options like good, fast, or cheap – you can only pick 2? Well, that's how I've always felt about off-the-rack men's sizing. I spent most of my life trying to add some bulk to my frustratingly thin frame. But now, I'm thin and muscular with a smaller waist, so if a shirt fits my arms, it never fits my chest and waist. If it fits my chest, it won't fit my waist or neck (Actually, I'm realizing it's even worse than the triple constraint because I can only pick 1).

I'm literally not cut out for the world of small, medium, and large – a world in which only 15% of us find a truly proper fit.

Enter Stantt – a shirtmaker that not only addresses this problem, but other inconveniences in the custom tailoring process (we first talked about them a year ago when they were offering a just-for-you fit with a line of dress shirts). Using their proprietary sizing technology developed from thousands of body scans, they've created 75 different sizes which allows them to deliver the perfect fit with only 3 simple measurements. Translation: a perfect fit with no tailoring involved.

They launched 2 years ago on Kickstarter and now THEY'RE BACK with t-shirts, polos, and washed casual button-ups and offering early-bird contributors a considerable discount – for example, you can get a t-shirt (crew or v-neck) for $33, or a Polo for $49.

Not all guys are sticklers for fit like I am. Far from it. I mean, you've seen the average dude – he's either swimming in his button-up like it's a childhood hand-me-down from Dad, or busting out of it like some kind of not-so-incredible Hulk. But if you read Primer, chances are, you're like me and you know that the difference between a bro and a gentleman is FIT. And since I'm all about fit, and with my incredible frustrations with off-the-rack sizing, I happen to think $49 for a designer Polo that's practically bespoke is a bargain. An ill-fitting off-the-rack Polo from J-Crew would cost just as much. And sure, I could find a v-neck shirt in a medium from Target for $10. But we're talking about hand-crafted designer shirts made with higher quality long staple cotton – not to mention if I wanted it to fit just right, I'd have to pay to get it tailored (which I've done even for T-shirts).

Considering the added expense and hassle of tailoring alone, there's really no beating Stantt's Kickstarter deals, which they're only running for a month. I'm getting one of each: a T-shirt, a Polo, and a Button-up. And for the first time in my life, I get to pick all 3!

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Pyung Kim

In addition to being an avid Primer reader, Pyung Kim is a Los-Angeles based writer / filmmaker who firmly believes that clothes and fit make the man.