Swim Style: 23 Hand-curated Picks to Stay Sharp & Comfortable This Summer.

Swim Style: 23 Hand-curated Picks to Stay Sharp & Comfortable This Summer.
Whether at the beach, the pool, or the boardwalk – your shorts will look as good as they perform.

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  • Jason

    I know board shorts are really popular right now, but you should consider including more options with full elastic bands. They tend to be more flattering for guys without a washboard six-pack or just a plain old flat stomach.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      More flattering in what way?

      • Jason

        From what I’ve found, I tend to bulge over the non-elastic boardshorts more than the elastic traditional suits. I’m a bit pudgy around the middle, and so any time I’m shirtless I prefer to draw attention away from that. Just personal experience.

      • Jason

        Also, thanks for putting this together, there are some great looking suits in here. I really like the Land’s End one.

    • Ron Macoon

      agreed. in general, board shorts complement a tall, lanky physique but seem to make almost everyone else look short and stocky

  • Dan

    It wouldn’t be bad to include some of the more trendy suits that are 6.5-8″ shorter cut. Board shorts seem a little “college spring break” to me. J-Crew has some great ones, and forever 21 mens or H&M have some great less expensive options.

  • Kevin G

    Similar to the Hurley short pictured, my favorite shorts are the Rip Curl Mirage Boardwalk Shorts. I’m on the overweight side, but they look great, and are just the right length by my knees. Also, if you get them in solid black, they dry quick and work great as walking shorts, especially if you have to get to a restaurant after the beach.

  • Alex

    Swim shorts with elastic bands make heavy guys look even heavier. Also, longer shorts will look worse on men that are shorter or heavier. There has been a trend of shorter swimming shorts which I love – very 1950-60’s. I get mine from Penguin: http://www.originalpenguin.com/swim/fixed-box-micro-gingham-short/OPSS4026OP.html?start=10&cgid=opgmaprlswm&srule=best-matches&dwvar_OPSS4026OP_color=411

    I also like Sundek’s mid-length with fixed waist, very 70’s retro style. However, they are expensive and never go on sale: http://www.shopsundek.com/en/man/beachwear/?RwGal=true&nodi_ID=9160&language=1

    • Turkey Fart

      They are on sale right now!

    • Marcus

      Love those Sundeks! They remind me of my youth, when all the cool kids had those (yeah, I’m old, shut up, get off my lawn).

  • Steve

    Embrace the Speedo.

  • Cody Henson

    I’ve had good results with swimsuits from H&M in the past. However I picked up a good pair from Lands End Canvas that are mesh lined instead of having the weirdly uncomfortable sack bag. I too am a fan of the shorter suits…trying to embrace that JFK style this summer.

  • Dan

    Hand-Curated? I think we might be becoming a bit too Hipster.

  • Logan Greer

    This year I’ve switched to Lululemon shorts for my swimsuits.
    The material is essentially the same as most of the options above, you get 3 pockets, an elastic waistband, and a interior drawstring. Basically everything I was looking for in swim shorts, but aren’t technically swim shorts.

  • Mike

    Land’s End definitely makes a quality swimsuit! I bought 3 last year because of the classic styling as well.