The Getup: Summer Wedding [Interactive]

The Getup: Summer Wedding [Interactive]
Look sharp, no matter which suit color you have.

getup wedding
getup wedding
getup wedding

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  • Jack

    i have that tie and love it, but be aware, the blue chambray looks much lighter in person. EDIT: Scratch that – realized there are 2 colors.

  • sogelegos

    Is that Kenneth Cole suit recommended? Macy’s has an additional 10% right now with the promo code EXTRA, so you can get it delivered for $162 after tax. If that’s a good suit, I might jump on it.

    • ChrisReetz

      Good question! I was thinking the same thing.

    • DTRaleigh17

      KC Reaction is the lower end line (with KCNY being higher quality). This KC Reaction suit does not have a thread of wool in it, just a poly/lycra blend. Probably lightweight, not durable, but the fit should be the same as the KCNY. It won’t serve as your go-to grey suit, but it will probably do for a summer wedding.

  • Luke

    I’m not sure if I could handle the freshness of this get up. I’ve been looking for a khaki suit like that, too bad my chest is 32″ 🙁

  • Dmitriy

    Fine post! Thank you!

  • Josh Macy

    Wore a khaki suit to a wedding this summer. Some of the old timers called me colonel sanders, but other than that it went over great. pink shirt, navy tie, wingtips.

  • Lika

    Andrew, I used your getup for inspiration for my men grooming class. They are awesome! Especially when they asked me,which piece goes with what. I’ve becoming an expert in men styling because of you.. Even tough we’re thousand miles across the sea and all the brand you mentioning not available in our country,Indonesia. But, we got the idea, Thanks Andrew..

  • Lika