Motivation Monday: Hard Times Strengthen Soft Souls (Free wallpaper: mobile, desktop, art print)

free motivational wallpaper
Motivation Monday: Hard Times Strengthen Soft Souls (Free wallpaper: mobile, desktop, art print)
Every time you're feeling down, pick up your phone.

There are some abstract thoughts we've come to accept as a part of life.  Finding strength from our weak moments. Building resolve by persevering through trying times. Thinking we can make it through anything. And perhaps most commonly: “What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.”

The interesting problem is we can rarely acknowledge our personal growth during the tough times. These concepts are only appreciated after the fact in retrospect. Just like we can't see our muscles grow after training, it's very hard to see the inner strength we're developing while we're walking through our tunnel of hell. Using this wallpaper on my phone, I've found it's been motivational in two ways. First, it's a reminder that we are because of who we were, and all of the things we've lived through. But also when I come across it on a stressful day or when I'm feeling frustrated or down, it brings all these abstract thoughts about self-development right to the forefront – a simple and passive way of injecting my day with motivation.

The wallpaper is available in four different sizes: mobile, desktop, Facebook cover photo, and an 18×24 art print meant to be printed like our Free Art Downloads. Give it a try, I bet it helps!

free motivational mobile wallpaper


To download, click on the link for your desired size then choose “File > Download”.

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Andrew Snavely

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