The Uniform: Go Anywhere, Do Anything – Summer Edition

The Uniform: Go Anywhere, Do Anything – Summer Edition
Nobody likes doing costume changes throughout the day. With this go-to summer 'uniform' you'll look your best no matter where your day takes you.
Brunch with your girlfriend's crew, afternoon barbecue at the river, evening ball game with the guys, capped off with romantic drinks on the pier.

Nobody likes doing costume changes throughout the day. With this go-to summer ‘uniform' you'll look your best no matter where your day takes you.
White jersey polo
Leave your golf polos on the green, and opt for a smooth, jersey polo. It will dress you up when needed, and blend in with t-shirts in casual environments.
American Apparel, $32
The ultimate in versatility. Stick with a slim, straight fit.
Dockers D1, $36.99
Simple leather belt
A rich brown leather and a plain buckle lets you fit in anywhere.
Gap, $29.95
Boat shoes
Equal parts quintessential casual shoe and leather loafer, the boat shoe is appropriate for anything more laid back than business.
sperry, $73
Minimalist leather watch
Classic, clean, and less of a jewelry feel than a metal band.
tissot, $163.60
Square-framed aviators
Functional enough for astronauts, smooth enough for Don Draper.
American Optics, $50

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • AMG

    Great classic look, I don’t really like wearing the jersey polo but it does look good with this fit and the colors are fairly neutral and well put together.

  • Christopher

    Great pieces and I totally agree. What I like most is that it’s simple, classic look.

  • Matt

    Gonna have to go with.. YES.

  • Bill

    Great composition. White polo is a little generic though…

  • Megan

    Love love LOVE this! Yes to all of it

  • Rogin

    I love the simplicity. For myself I might go with a dark green for the polo, but white works just as well.

    What’s great about this is that if it’s horribly hot (I live in the desert), you can easily swap the chinos for shorts.

  • Michael

    Great outfit, I love that you can wear it in any setting.

    Does anyone have experience with Dockers’ D1 vs. their Alpha line? I’m assuming Alphas are more slim, but I’d like to hear from people who own either.

  • Kevin

    I love this site and I have learned so much but man i can’t count how many posts that echo the stuff in this “uniform” chinos, boat shoes, simple polo, and the square framed aviators must be the only sunglasses left in the world

    • Andrew

      Hey Kevin, That’s the point with the ‘uniform’ idea – putting together basics that can take you a lot of different venues, which is why we’ve covered the items separately before. What would you have changed?

  • Ravi

    Love the ensemble and love this site! Made many purchases based on your recommendation/reviews.
    BTW, is the price of the aviator correct? It’s around $50 on AMZN. Also, yay or nay on on the socks?

  • Chase Schmidt

    Great getup, Andrew. A timeless and endlessly versatile assortment of quality pieces. Keep it up

  • cw

    I had to return my alphas but I like the D1s very much. The fit on the D1s remind me of Levi’s 514. The calf on the alphas is great (reminds me of jcrew urban slim fit) but the thigh and seat area balloon out way too much.

  • Nicholas Crawford

    This is the quintessential Indian developer outfit in Silicon Valley! Drive by any tech headquarters – I’m serious! They have it figured out. Compare and contrast with the brogramers in their mesh shorts.

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  • Mr. X.

    Agreed. Simplicity and being understated in natural, neutral colours is the way to go on a summer’s day. Well done.