Don Draper’s Sunglasses

Mad Men's Don Draper may not be an all-around upstanding guy, but he certainly has style.

If you didn't take our advice last year to pick up a pair of square-framed aviator sunglasses, you might want to reconsider now that they've been paired up with Mad Men genius Donald Draper. Okay, so maybe he didn't take it from us, but clearly the suave star and the costumers behind the scenes have great taste in eyewear.

For right around $50 on Amazon or your local Army/Navy Surplus store, you too can own a pair of the very glasses designed to conquer the skies in fighter jets and plant footsteps on the moon. With timeless styling, a great profile, and a badass look, these sunglasses give you that $300 look with $250 leftover.

Unlike in this month's GQ, we won't call you a Penny-Pincher when you pick up these AO Aviators, we'll just call you good looking. In return, all we ask is that next time, you listen to us so you can beat Draper to the punch.

Pick up a pair on Amazon.

Don Draper's Sunglasses on Mad MenMad Men, characters and Images copyright AMC

Robert Fure

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