For $3,000 You Too Can Look As Good in a Hoodie As Dwayne Johnson on the Cover of Vanity Fair

For $3,000 You Too Can Look As Good in a Hoodie As Dwayne Johnson on the Cover of Vanity Fair
Or, some alternatives not made by magical fairies.

Ever wished you looked like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? For most of us mere mortals, the strenuous workout regime, restrictive diet, and multi-million-dollar bank balance make the chances of lifting, eating, or dressing like the world’s highest-paid actor somewhat prohibitive. But when it comes to the latter, at least, there’s no reason you can’t take inspiration from Johnson’s laid-back yet iconic style. And right now, we’ve got an eye on his sweaters.

This month, the actor, producer, and (possible) future presidential candidate appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in a $3,000 Brunello Cucinelli hooded sweater which, we have to admit, looks enviably soft and luxurious. But we couldn’t help musing on an ever-present theme in mainstream style magazines: the price tags. At Primer, we’re advocates for investing in great quality materials and well-made pieces. But there’s gotta be a cashmere sweater out there that won’t cost you a month’s salary, right?

The Sweater Hoodie

Which is why, as we settle into the cozy, casual vibe of fall, it seemed like the perfect time to scour the racks for some more budget-friendly imitations of The Rock’s cover star look. Of course, when you have the dollars to drop (or you’re loaned a piece for a magazine shoot) then by all means go big and invest in the $3,000 archetype. But until then, here are our favorite realistic alternatives.

men's sweater hoodie
Made in USA

The Knitwear Lab – Amazon, $108

Amazon provided this at our request.

Not only does this hoodie look great – it’s practical too. Made in California with cotton thermolite yarns, it’s specially designed to provide lightweight warmth and better breathability. So it’s the perfect choice for regulating your temperature on those in-between days when it’s too warm for a coat but too cold for a shirt.

off white hooded sweater

Everlane, $60

Nailing the waffle texture of Dwayne Johnson’s starring piece, Everlane’s take on the textured hoodie elevates classic loungewear style into everyday casual territory. What you wear on the bottom simply depends on the dress code.

light brown long sleeve hooded sweater

Old Navy, $34.99

Like a classic hoodie only knitted, the Old Navy raglan sleeve pullover feels like a smarter take on this casual staple. The knit is soft and the cut feels as smart as your regular sweater, leaving it to the hood and kangaroo pocket to anchor this piece in your casual collection.

green cotton long sleeve hooded sweater

Banana Republic, $109

The texture of this cotton hoodie by Banana Republic makes us never want to take it off. It’s thick and cozy, like your favorite winter sweater, but the casual cut and hood give it a certain athletic appeal.

white long sleeve hooded waffle hoodie

Club Monaco, $129

Is this the perfect waffle-textured hoodie? With its relaxed silhouette, super-soft hand feel, and thermal warmth, it ticks all the boxes for a casual winter sweater that you can wear just as easily for days out or lazy afternoons on the sofa.

navy blue cotton cashmere long sleeve hooded sweater

Orvis, $98

Proving a great cashmere sweater can cost less than $3,000, Orvis’ take on the look feels sporty and casual. But it’s the super-soft feel of the wool blend fabric that elevates it from your lounge look into a piece you’ll want to wear every day.

marled green long sleeve hooded sweater

Goodthreads, $40.90

The marled effect of this Goodthreads hoodie brings an extra point of interest to what is already a brilliantly eye-catching piece. The relaxed fit in the chest, which tapers slightly into the waist, makes for a flattering cut that almost helps imitate that Dwayne Johnson silhouette (okay, wishful thinking maybe).

blue long sleeve hooded sweater

Naadam, $195

Naadam’s cashmere hoodie isn’t just soft and durable, it’s sustainable too. Made from recycled yarns it’s breathable, easy to wear, and can be worn at home with matching jogging bottoms, or dressed up with formal pants for dinner and date nights. It’s just that versatile.

charcoal long sleeve hooded sweater

J.Crew, $98

Count on J.Crew to make casual staples feel like a luxury. This cotton-cashmere blend hoodie has all the hallmarks of a perfectly laid-back piece, but the richness and quality of the fabric easily elevate it into your smart casual ensembles.

Ella White has been writing about fashion for a decade, but it’s been a passion for much longer. Her interest in sustainability and wellbeing brings fresh perspective to current trends, and when she’s not at her desk you’ll find her out running, thrifting, and taking in local culture.