Single Store Style: 4 Outfits Made from the Extra 50% Off Sale Section of Banana Republic

Single Store Style: 4 Outfits Made from the Extra 50% Off Sale Section of Banana Republic
Four complete Getups, all made from items in the 50% off clearance section. More like Single Store Steals – amirite??

Today's edition of Single Store Style is even bigger than usual. Our series where we make an entire shoppable outfit from just one store makes shopping one-and-done and shipping cheaper and easier.

But these four outfits, all made from Banana Republic's extra 50% off sale section proves some really important core Primer principles:

  • Dressing GREAT can be done affordably
  • Having smart personal style does not require you to spend hours at a mall shopping at a bunch of different stores
  • It's possible to create outfits from one store that span different aesthetics, such as rugged, street, preppy, and more

We chose items that have a majority of sizes still in stock for the looks, but head over to the sale section and filter by your specific sizes to get the full picture of what's available right now. Banana Republic is one of our staple 12 stores for affordable men's style so being able to nab these fresh items at these prices is a smart buy because of the level of quality you're getting.

So take a look at these outfits and let me know which one is your favorite below!

The Put-together Spring Weekend

This outfit that falls on the more casual end of the Smart Casual spectrum and will get you through brunches, movies with friends, casual dates with longer-term partners, and more. These suede wingtip boots are included in a casual outfit, but can also be dressed up with the right items, making them a deal at $75.

single store style

Thursday Night Drinks

How do you stand out without looking flashy? Skillfully employing a minimalist outfit that plays with textures and tones. If you're looking to up your badboy quotient in a room full of preppy guys wearing business casual…when they're not in the office…this is the style you've been waiting for. And, if you're a fan of it, check out Primer's full guide on men's minimalist fashion with 5 more outfit ideas.

banana republic sale outfit 2

A Good Great Day at the Office

Crush it just like every other day but in a subtle and netural-toned style that is anything but boring. This blazer is a handsome upgrade to the styles we featured in our article on Blazers to Keep In Your Office In Case of Emergencies and our last Live Action Getup.

office outfit

Something Daniel Craig Would Wear

Textured waist-length jacket…henley…classic sunglasses with modern details…slim dark denim…brown suede chukkas? It's every photo of Daniel Craig on Pinterest ever.

banana republic craig

Let me know which most closely matches your personal style below!

Andrew Snavely

Andrew founded Primer in 2008 and brings 15+ years of men's style expertise. Known for his practical, relatable approach to style and self-development, he has been a recognized speaker at conferences and has styled work for top brands. Off-duty, he loves photography & editing, and enjoys road trips with his dog, Leela. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, educated in DC, and living in LA for nearly 20 years, Andrew's diverse experiences shape the relatable and real-world advice that has helped millions through Primer. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.