Badass Style Inspiration Gallery – Over 120 Photos of Men with Edge + Our Style Picks for Getting Started

(Or, now you're really going to want to buy a leather jacket – sorry in advance.)

Men's Badass Style Inspiration Gallery - Over 120 Photos of Men with Edge + Our Style Picks for Getting Started

A lot of guys make the mistake thinking that to dress well they have to wear suits or boat shoes or some other style that doesn't come naturally to them. But there are different ways you can dress well that won't make you feel like you're wearing an unnatural uniform.

Jeans and boots aren't lazy – proven by all these rakish men confidently rocking their edgier casual style – and what could be more badass than that?

See something you like or can already wear? Make sure to click the “Pin” button to save to your style board on Pinterest so you can have a full catalog of outfit ideas when you're feeling uninspired.

Also be sure to check out all of our shoppable outfits in our Getup series, as well as our other fall layering inspiration gallery!

When you make an outfit you like, be sure to post it either in the comments or on Instagram and tag @primermagazine for a chance to be featured!

And below the gallery you'll find a solid list of options inspired by the items worn in the photos.

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Top Picks to Get You Started

Gap bomber jacket, $69

Chambray shirt: Jomers, $27

What do you think of this style? I'll be down in the comments!

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Zac Silk

    I’m totally on board with the bad ass style. I’ve got a leather jacket that was a present a few years back and I’m still wearing it solidly.

    However I picked up this jacket from All Saint’s brand new off eBay for $300

    So a great saving or so I thought. My girlfriend hit the roof as I shouldn’t be spending that much on one jacket in college. So looks like I’ll be selling it on, and saving the money for food.

    But lastly I’ve always wondered what do you guys think of shoulder quilting like the above title right picture? I was afainst it before tryig it on but once I did Ithoufht it looked great.

    • Chris

      $300 for a quality jacket that you’ll likely have a long time isn’t bad at all!

    • awesometheo

      I agree w/ Chris! Investing in a major piece like this isn’t much over the long rung – leather jackets will always be a staple in the wardrobe. I’d say keep it! But, I’m also single and alone, so YMMV 🙂

      • Zac Silk

        Totally agree with my both to be honest. If I had enough money to justify keeping it I would but I have rent to pay and food keep myself alive.

        Not too sure how I’ll look homelesss and malnourished in a leaher jacket.

        Come to think of it I reckon the fit would be all off.

        • awesometheo

          You’d look damn good, that’s how you’d look.

          • Zac Silk

            Haha your not helping Theo but thanks for the compliment! If your looking for the jacket it’s the Jasper from All Saint’s.

  • Serafin Nunez

    Henleys… check.
    Leather… check.
    Be buff… crap. *off to the gym*

  • Chris

    I’m all in on this post! What I don’t already have I want to buy!

    • Zac Silk

      Leather jacket hint hint 😉

    • Andrew

      What will be your first buy?

      • Chris

        Not sure…Probably gonna double down the Tees and Henleys, a new Chambray shirt, then get a denim jacket. Been thinking about Chelseas too.

        • Zac Silk

          Sounds like a solid list. All versatile items you can wear again and again. If you do get some new Chambray’s mind telling me where you got them, I’m on the hunt for a new Chambray brand since Gap isn’t stocking their clean Chambray’s.

          • Andrew

            I just got one from Jomers that I linked to above and its very similar to my previous clean Gap one and good for the price.

          • Zac Silk

            I’ve had a look at their website and have to say I’m very impressed. The $20 international shipping rate is really attractive as well.

      • Zac Silk

        Any experience with denim jackets Andrew? I’ve read a few articles you’ve linked them and was pondering my first purchase.

        • Andrew

          I have three, a dark one from Levi’s, a light one from Gap, and a black one from Zara. All three are good for what they are. Levi’s are a little stiff and probably a little more resilient. The Gap one was more comfortable right away. And the Zara one is probably the thinnest, but that may be a positive for some. Above all, buy one that fits the best, you want it to be snug, almost a little too snug, because the denim will stretch and you want it to have a trim silhouette. I go over it a bit in this Youtube video:

          • Zac Silk

            Thanks Andrew! I’ve had my eye on the Gap denim jacket and even tried it on in store. Did you end up going for a small in that at all?

            I’ll have to give Zara a shot, they always seem to surprise me with how good their offerings are.

          • Greg Andrews

            Andrew – Is there a source for the jacket featured in the instagram post?

  • Joseph Padilla

    Yup, my kind of article! Pretty much the reason why I live in jackets. Just like this ink navy number from AllSaints:

    Can’t wait for fall to arrive just to wear this biker again and live in it up until spring! Summer coming in late in the SF Bay Area was a big spoiler.

    • Andrew

      Oh yeeeeeah!

  • Rudy Ortiz

    What kind of motorcycles are in some of those pics? I don’t know much about bikes. But they look sweet. Awesome post by the way Andrew.

  • Lisa Gomez

    So you know, just because you wear a leather jacket does Not make you a bad ass…..

  • jack daniel

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  • John William

    I love to wear leather Jacket. Love your collection specially Warrior Vest

  • John William

    I Love to wear leather jacket specially collection of warrior vest jacket

  • Simon

    Non of the pictures i dislike at all…. Thanks for sharing it