The Intentional Apartment: 67 More Examples of a Masculine Home from the Pages of the Restoration Hardware Catalog

As a Primer reader you already know the importance of controlling the image that you convey to the world. How you dress, how you carry yourself, how you speak, all these things factor into not only how others see you but how you see yourself.

A man's home is an extension of himself, and just how his personal presentation affects his life, so does his home. Bringing a new date to your place, or a serious significant other's parents for the first time, can be a revealing experience. You can learn quite a bit about a man by visiting his home, from his view of the world, personal tastes, aesthetic style, and perhaps most revealing, his income level. But even more invaluable than the external is the importance of a comfortable home for yourself.

The way furniture and furnishings are situated affect the feeling your home has. Does your seating enhance conversation with guests? Or is it all pointing at the television? Is it easy to navigate, or does it require stepping around couches and tables? Whether or not the ancient tradition of Feng Shui is a real thing doesn't matter, rooms can clearly “flow” or they can feel disjointed and separated.

There's no question that the photos above are catalog shots. They feature furniture at unrealistic prices and items that probably won't work well in real life. (The giant steer skull above the bed looks cool, but I suspect it would feel very strange in person.) However, just like using our Getups for style inspiration, I encourage you to note the arrangement of furniture; the use of accents like rugs, lamps, and tables; the mixture of textures like wood and metal; the combination of art sizes and their juxtaposition; and deliberate color palettes as inspiration for ways you can apply the same principles to your own home. And just like dressing well on a budget, applying these ideas to what you already have doesn't require great expense.

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Andrew Snavely

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