25 Spring Jackets for Every Personal Style

25 Spring Jackets for Every Personal Style

With spring around the corner, it’s time to take an inventory of your jacket situation. Winter and fall? Easy. Wool, down…the usuals that will keep you dry and warm no matter what the elements throw at you. But spring? Well, spring can be a little difficult. You need a jacket that will break the wind and keep you toasty–without getting too heavy or bulky. Luckily, Spring 2019 is favoring classic looks–the Harrington, the Trucker, the Bomber–jackets that looked good when your dad wore them in the ’80s, and still look good now (and yes, Members Only is still a brand).

The bottom line is that it’s not going to be hard to look good this spring. These jackets have all the function you need while still maintaining a svelte profile. So pick one up, throw on your favorite jeans, and get your damn hair cut: it’s springtime.

Alpha Industries M65 Defender Field Coat

Amazon, $126

Like many of our favorite styles, the M65 Defender has a military history; it was first issued to soldiers during the Vietnam War. Its heavyweight cotton and optional button-in liner (sold separately, and wearable on its own) make it perfect for those chilly spring nights. And if you layer it well, it will actually keep you toasty well into fall and even winter.

Image of Carhartt Men's Quick Duck Cryder Foreman Jacket

Carthartt Quick Duck Cryder Foreman

Carthartt, $90

Image of Goodthreads Men's Bomber Jacket

Goodthreads Bomber Jacket

Goodthreads, $63

The North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket

The North Face Apex Bionic 2

The North Face, $149

Image of Members Only Colorblock Half Zip Anorak

Members Only Colorblock Half-Zip Anorak

Members Only, $45-$65

Baracuta Harrington G9

Baracuta, $390

We covered the history of the Harrington here. What you need to know is that it doesn’t get any more classic than this. The standing collar. The ribbed cuffs and waist. And of course, the signature lining that offers a pop of color and pattern, making you stand out without trying to make a loud statement. The Harrington has been donned by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, JFK, and yes, the great Steve McQueen. With its cotton/polyester blend, light rain will roll right off, and the lightweight lining will cut the wind without making you overheat. Baracuta makes the Harrington G9 in just about every color imaginable. Find the one that suits you best.

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baracuta g9

Image of Calibrate leather moto jacket

Calibrate Leather Moto Jacket

Calibrate, $160

Image of Civil Society Arsenal Hooded Jacket

Civil Society Arsenal Hooded Jacket

Civil Society, $50

Image of Andrew Marc Brixton Faux Shearling Collar & Lined Quilted Jacket

Andrew Marc Brixton Quilted Jacket

Andrew Marc, $65

Image of Obey Eyes Graphic Print Camo Jacket

Obey Eyes Graphic Print Camo Jacket

Obey, $40

chouyatou Green Cotton Bomber

Amazon, $37

This neutral green jacket will compliment just about any shade of denim you have, from medium and dark blues to black and charcoal gray. Inspired by the heavy jackets originally worn by fighter pilots, this civilian-friendly version is more of a no-nonsense Harrington with a bomber silhouette. It’s slimmer and more streamlined than its military cousin, but it keeps the ribbed collar, cuffs and waist that will keep the wind off your torso–at high altitudes or on the ground. Its thick cotton shell will still keep you warm, especially with some strategic layering underneath.

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Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket

Levi's, $65

The classic Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket is cut slim, tapers at the waist, and has a badassness encapsulated in its longevity alone. While there is some debate, the general consensus is that denim was a fabric originally woven for farmers, and other men and women who worked in the dirt with their hands. (We dove into the difference between a denim jacket and a trucker jacket not too long ago.) Fast forward to the 1960s, and denim became synonymous with not giving a damn. The Denim Trucker has kept that legacy alive for the last 60 years, and it still looks good on a spring day with a pair of  chinos–or jeans, if you want to rock a Canadian Tuxedo.

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Image of HUDSON Jeans Leather Bomber Jacket

Hudson Jeans Leather Bomber Jacket

Hudson Jeans, $250

Image of Michael Kors Heathered Knit Fleece Zip Bomber Jacket

Michael Kors Heather Knit Fleece Zip Bomber

Michael Kors, $45

Image of Andrew Marc Medford Water Resistant Shirt Jacket

Andrew Marc Medford Water Resistant Shirt Jacket

Andrew Marc, $90

Image of Everlane chore jacket

Everlane Chore Jacket

Everlane, $88

carhartt full swing spring jackets men

Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong Jacket

Carhartt, $130

The Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong is made from durable 12-ounce ring spun cotton with a contrast corduroy collar. With stretch panels between the shoulders, around the elbows, and under the arms, it balances good looks and practicality. Carhartt’s classic Americana style adds a rugged edge to your favorite T-shirts and plaid button-downs–we like the Armstrong jacket paired with darker denim and leather boots, not unlike this rugged spring Getup. This coat will keep you warm and dry, and it’s built to stand the test of time.

Image of j.crew Field mechanic jacket

J.Crew Field Mechanic Jacket

J.Crew, $198

Image of J.Crew Factory Navy trench coat

J.Crew Navy Trench Coat

J.Crew Factory, $100

Image of Gap city parka jacket

Gap City Parka

Gap, $128

Image of Calvin Klein Men's Classic Rip Stop Bomber Jacket

Calvin Klein Classic Ripstop Bomber

Calvin Klein, $63

Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Cotton Trucker

Flint and Tinder, $186-$220

Flint and Tinder originally launched with the goal of making the most perfect underwear for men–and yes, they cracked the code. Soon they were making a variety of sartorial products in the USA, from leather belts to a hoodie guaranteed to last you for ten years (seriously). Recently they teamed up with Huckberry (which is where you can find their full range of products), but this jacket in particular is something special. 7-ounce cotton sourced from New Jersey is waxed on both sides for added water resistance and durability. And they didn’t just line the body of the jacket with insulating flannel; it’s in the sleeves, too. It’s an American classic, and it’s American made.

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Image of PacSun Workwear Jacket

Pacsun Workwear Jacket

Pacsun, $38-$55

Image of Buck Mason Quilted League Jacket

Buck Mason Quilted League Jacket

Buck Mason, $195

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Mike Henson is a literature teacher in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He enjoys shooting 35mm film, restoring vintage straight blades, purchasing too many American-made goods, and spending time with his wife and their three daughters.


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    Oral Blankson

    The link for the J.Crew Navy Trench Coat takes you to a nordstrom jacket.

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      Blast! Sorry about that, I’ll fix that right away. Good news it’s on pretty steep sale: https://factory.jcrew.com/p/mens-clothing/jackets_vests/jackets/navy-trench-coat/L0325?color_name=navy

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  • Reply March 6, 2019


    the br trench coat is on sale today for 134 which is quite a good deal i think

    • Reply March 7, 2019


      Yeah, that’s a great deal!

  • Reply March 6, 2019


    Trying to look for something similar to Everlane’s Elements Jacket in Tan. I have one in black and I love the material and the construction. Any ideas?

  • Reply March 6, 2019

    Ethan Berry

    I’ve been going back and forth on getting the Flint and Tinder jacket for months now. If I pull the trigger, what color do you think I should go for? A couple shades are on sale but if I’m dropping cash it may as well be on the best colors

    • Reply March 7, 2019


      Looks like the moss and navy are on sale, in that case I would choose moss.

      • Reply March 31, 2019

        Caleb Wilson

        All colors are on sale currently for $186! Andrew, what color is your jacket– coal? I’m also having trouble deciding on a color. What would be the most versatile, in your opinion?

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    You should check out gear from Topo Designs.

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