The Amazon Outfit: Weekend Work Session

The Amazon Outfit: Weekend Work Session
A versatile spring outfit, with all items available with 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.

complete outfit from Amazon Prime Men Spring Fashion

men spring fashion outfit ideas style inspiration - green bomber jacket loafers light wash jeans

The patterned short sleeve button up shirt is an absolute warm weather essential. And with reduced layers in spring, the pattern acts as visual texture.

Baccini leather briefcase Amazon

A pair of modern loafers are a smart alternative to options like boat shoes. A slim pair will be less New England prep than boat shoes, and they can be dressed up or down. This pair from Frye has a barely-there sole, and the mid tan with the burnished toe moves them away from your dad's penny loafers.

men bomber jacket - spring style ideas

Green is one of the best choices for outerwear because it works with all shades of blue denim – unlike a blue jacket. You'll often see guys in Los Angeles choose to button their shirts all the way to the top, what is colloquially known as the ‘air tie'. It's definitely a more fashion-forward option, not one I ever go for personally, but feel free to rock it if it fits with your personal style.

men's spring outfit ideas - light wash jeans loafers

Best affordable leather briefcase under $100

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Shirt: CK Jeans, $60

Bomber: Chouyatou, $39

Jeans: Levi’s, $55

Sunglasses: AJ Morgan, $13

Loafers: Frye, $188

Watch: Timex, $21

Briefcase, Baccini, $99

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  • Zac Silk

    I really like the simplicity of this look. I’ve got most of the elements for this look. But I’ve always been on the fence about short sleeve shirts. I’ve never tried a patterned one so I’ll have to give that a go.

    The versatile nature of the penny loafers are great for Spring. I’ve got a dark brown pair that I pair with dark jeans and an Oxford but I’ve never thought of pairing them with a lighter denim.

    The bomber looks perfect for the changing weather of Spring, and I’m so glad I’ve already got the briefcase which is holding up really well. Lastly I’ll order the sunglasses soon as a pair of beater sunglasses.

    • Ben York

      I have always been very against short sleeves too man! My gf pushed my boundaries a bit to try some and I’m already looking for more. Sometimes it takes another persons opinion to really drive new fashion. I’m glad I did.

      • Zac Silk

        I’ve had a similar thing with my gf. She’s pushing me to try short sleeve shirts too. I think it’s all in the fit. I guess I’ve just been put off by billowing sleeves but I’ll try sizing down for a more trim fit.

  • Ross

    I like this. And I never like any Getup with rolled legs and sockless ankles. But this works for me because of the slip on loafer and the setting where this is shot. I think it ties in well with all the pieces. Did have a question on buttoning up the shit. Like you Andy, I don’t go for the ‘air tie’ look. But In an untucked more casual button up I tend to leave the second button open as well. What is the rule for the second button in this and other settings? Also, like Zac I’m not a big short sleeve button up guy, but i was thinking of purchasing my first few shirts. Any suggestions as far as brand, solids/patterns, and colors?

    • Zac Silk

      I can sympathise with you Ross, I think like I said to Ben the fit was what put me off. I’ve never found a brand of short sleeve shirt whose fit I like.

      I think if I could find such a brand I’d be more open to short sleeve shirts.

      • Ross

        I’m not too nervous about the fit yet, in more concern about the color and pattern. I’ve mostly gone with solid blues and grays when buying long sleeve button ups like oxfords, so I tend to gravitate towards the same colors and solids when shopping for short sleeves but I can’t get behind the patterns of the current styles offered. If you find any you like or have any suggestions let me know.

        • Zac Silk

          I see what you mean. I’ve been sticking up on solid OCBD’s. But the short sleeve patterned shirts are a bit loud for me too. So if I do find some good styles I’ll let you know. For now you could try J Crew? They’ve normallly got some good stuff.

    • Ben York

      Best luck I’ve had with short sleeve shirts is Marshalls believe it or not. I’d have to look up the brand, but they were originally $49 and I got them for about $10 each.

  • David Bjerke

    Love this look. I generally do not stray too far away from dark denim, even in the dead of Summer… which is me just being stupid/stubborn. That being said, I am definitely going to venture into lighter washes of denim this year and these getups + spring guide are helping me with ideas. ‘Preciate ya!

    Also, looks like there’s a few requests on the original briefcase article you linked for a 1 year follow-up on how the thing has been holding up. Would love to see that as well!

    • Mark

      @andrew Any chance of getting a follow-up post on the bag?

  • rogun

    That looks like a nice jacket for the price, but it looks like the zipper’s on the other side, in case that’s the sorta thing that bothers you.

  • Eric L.

    Great looking bag for $99!

  • Aaron

    I am not a fan of penny loafers or boat shoes, and I will never own a pair. What would be a good alternative to wear with the rest of this awesome look?

    • Brandon Atkins

      Sneakers would probably work. I have a pair of brown leather sneakers from Johnston and Murphy that would substitute decently. Canvas sneakers would probably also work.