The Getup: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Not the jersey-wearing kind of guy?

what to wear to a super bowl party - men fashion outfit inspiration ideas

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  • Zac Silk

    The most awesome aspect is the choose your team shirt/ jacket. I normally end up wearing one anyway, now I’ve got two more colours to add to my wardrobe.

  • Sammy Wendt

    lol this is way more business casual than I expected. I plan on pimping my Raiders gear because f*ck both of these teams.

    • Thom

      Jeans and flannel = business casual?

      • Jeff M

        Yea man when you’re a Raiders fan that’s as classy as you’re gonna get 😉

      • Sammy Wendt

        It’s the Super Bowl and someone’s house. Put on the gear of your favorite team, not a flannel and jeans. I’ve been a reader to this website for years, and this is one I disagree with. Super Bowl parties are for dressing in football gear, not a flannel n jeans.

        • Andrew

          The descriptions says it’s for people who aren’t “jersey-wearing” folks. If you are, do your thing.

  • rogun

    Looks like someone’s a Patriots fan, going by the colors chosen.

    The herringbone flannels from Target looks nice and so does that quilted shirt-jacket from the Gap. I actually own far too many shirt-jackets already, but that one looks like a comfy sweat shirt, with the jersey material and elastic cuffed sleeves.

    The 7-layer dip also looks delicious!

    • Ross

      As long as their not an eagles fan! Did you see the crap they pulled last week to visiting Minnesota fans? Made me lose all respect for that city’s fan base.

  • Ross

    Nice getup! I’ve been looking at this shirt jacket from Old Navy for a while (it would be my first). Can anyone tell me the purpose of the shirt jacket? Maybe what occasions and weather you wear them for? Any insight would be appreciated.

    • Andrew

      It’s the equivalent of a light sweater – adding an extra layer that isn’t too thick.

      • Ross

        Thanks Andrew. Been trying to decide between this shirt jacket and the 1933 chamois shirt from l.l. Bean could you recommend one over the other for a summer nights at the lake layer?

  • Kyle Mitchell

    Love this combo!
    How did you find the shirt jacket for $20? The link shows it at $36.