Live Action Getup: Never Tell Me The Odds – An Easy Spring Look Inspired by Solo

Live Action Getup:

Never Tell Me The Odds

An easy nighttime spring look inspired by the best pilot in the galaxy.

Han Solo returns to the big screen this week, and just as with his previous costumes, the brash scoundrel is outfitted in a rugged and simple style. His aesthetic, defined by brown suede and black is intentionally opposite of the flashy Lando Calrissian, who is decked out with colorful capes, shirts, scarves, and belts.

Costume designers David Crossman and Glyn Dillon turned to an unexpected place for inspiration: 70s musicians.

Han Solo and Chewbacca walking
Alden Ehrenreich posing for the camera

Noting The Clash as a starting point for Solo, and Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, and Prince for Calrissian, the duo – who started designing costumes for this era in the Star Wars timeline on Rogue One – were instructed to pull from a surprising era.

“[Rogue One director] Gareth [Edwards] wanted this kind of Vietnam War vibe and we were able to apply that to a kind of rebel look and mix in Vietnam looks,” Crossman told “I really like what we’ve done for Han Solo…We love his teen look. His kind of classic hero look with that cropped brown suede jacket, which I think is very nice, I mean hopefully it’s something new that will fit into an existing world and it feels very Han Solo but also feels very fresh. “

lando calrissian costume Solo
han solo screenshot from solo

Considering the original Star Wars film debuted only two years after the Vietnam War ended, it's not surprising then, that the new film's costumes feel right at home in the expanded universe.

And, since fashion elements from the period like cropped trucker jackets, Chelsea boots, wider lapels, chunky knits, rigid denim, and suede have all found their way into smart contemporary style, a Getup inspired by Solo creates the perfect look for a night out this spring.

dress scale
Brown, black, and gray color swatches

Han solo outfit inspiration brown jacket, gray henley, black jeans

unbranded chinos thursday olive suede amazon leather belt burnout henley nixon watch topman suede barneys originals ASOS suede
han solo inspired outfit from Solo brown jacket

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Suede Jackets (similar): ASOS Trucker, $126 /  Barney's Originals, $182 /

Burnout henley: Gap, $14.40 with PARTY

Watch: Nixon, $100

Belt: Amazon, $29

Selvedge chinos: Unbranded, $88

Boots: Thursday Boots, $199

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