Why Your Underwear Is The Most Important Thing You Wear On A Date

Why Your Underwear Is The Most Important Thing You Wear On A Date
And how to never have an underwear crisis again.
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What is this?

Imagine you’re on a first date. You’ve spiffed up. You’re feeling good because you know you look good. You can tell your date is responding. It feels great.

Now pause for a moment and consider this: a big reason why it’s going so well is the intention you’ve brought to the date, both in your attitude and how you’ve chosen to dress.

Dressing with intention is about more than a particular level of polish, style, or status. First and foremost, dressing with intention sends signals about who you are, your values, and how you’d like the world to understand you.

It’s also about asking the question: “Do I value myself enough to take control of how the world sees me?” And answering with a resounding “yes.”

You can sense the difference when you dress with intention, both in how you feel about yourself … and how your date, sitting across the table, feels about you in this moment.

As with any endeavor (learning a language, or building a bridge come to mind), however, dressing with intention falls apart if your efforts aren’t built on a solid foundation. You can put on a perfectly fitted suit, but if your shirt has pit stains? Your date may not know but you will, and it undermines the confidence you should have from wearing a good suit.

There’s no part of your wardrobe where this applies more than underwear.

Think about it: underwear is the most fundamental piece of clothing you own: It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off. It’s worn close to the skin, so comfort is paramount. It serves a protective and supportive role, so it needs to be well-made and functional. But there’s another reason it’s so vital.

Return to our first date scenario for a moment and fast-forward to the final scene of the evening: your/their place. Things have gone extremely well; clothes are being removed at a rapid pace.

Are you prepared for them to see your true self, as revealed by your underwear?

old boxer briefs

Don't ask me how long I've had these…

For your date, seeing your underwear is a bit like looking under the hood of a used car: You can tell a lot by the condition of someone’s drawers. That outfit you wore might be on point but hole-riddled, decrepit, or immature underwear will immediately undo it.

Everyone knows the importance of underwear in this situation. It’s why every guy, whether he realizes it or not, has “first date” underwear – that extra bit of intentional style bestows confidence and sends a huge signal: I’m someone who minds the details; has follow-through; treats myself with comprehensive respect.

Every guy also knows this feeling: you pull open your underwear drawer on date night and all you have left is that old uncomfortable 'emergency' pair because you haven’t done laundry.

If underwear is so important, why do most of us – including many, many guys who already dress with intention – take it for granted?

men clothing on the floor

Make everyday your favorite underwear day.

Never Roll the Dice on Your Ratty Emergency Pair Again

Most of us can skate by on old or less-than-perfectly-comfortable underwear because, let’s face it, the vast majority time it’s invisible.

But that’s not the point. Dressing with intention starts from the inside out, remember?

What if you could reinvent your underwear wardrobe with premium, stylish pieces that reflect your personality? What if each pair were comfortable and well made? What if you could do it in such a way that you never have to worry about being without a fresh pair, ever again?

As it happens, you can do all of those things with Me Undies.

MeUndies is an online-only company bringing the subscription model to our most intimate wardrobe piece. They offer four styles of men’s underwear (boxers, briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs), all engineered for durability out of super-soft micro modal fabric.

meundies mens underwear fits

In testing, our favorite was the boxer brief. In terms of style and function it offers the best of both worlds, being both snug and flattering but flexible enough for all-day use. The 92% micro modal fabric is impressive, with a soft, premium feel.

MeUndies has also innovated with their subscription model. They offer 33% off an already-competitive price when you subscribe, and they’ll send you a new pair each month. By subscribing you are, essentially, you-proofing your underwear drawer so you’ll never have an emergency pair day again. And with their 100% satisfaction guarantee the only thing you're risking if having to keep your old, ratty underwear. 

But perhaps the best part of subscribing? Selecting which plan fits your intentional style the best: classic, bold, or adventurous.

Adventurous offers fun, whimsical designs for guys who need to express themselves with their underwear. The Classic option are your essential, traditional blacks and greys. Bold offers strong, pleasing colors that we found to be a great balance between the other categories.

Whether you’re just starting to dress with intention or you have been for a long time, MeUndies is a great solution for refreshing your underwear drawer all at once or one piece at a time.

Best of all, MeUndies is offering Primer readers an exclusive 20% off their first order when you click this link. So go pick up your first pair today! And thanks to MeUndies for partnering with us to make this deal possible!

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