Should I Buy a Black Suit? A Flowchart

Should I Buy a Black Suit? A Flowchart

Should a Man Wear a Black Suit?

If you're a guy who needs to buy a suit, especially if you're new to suits, there's a very high chance you think you should go with black. It's versatile and classic, you think – it's also one of the most common mistakes guys make. Everything you can do with a black suit, you can do with a navy suit. Or a charcoal suit. Or lots of other options. Navy, charcoal, and gray – solid or patterned – can be formal and elegant, or stylish on a dressy date. They look great in every conceivable business situation. Sharp in the day or at night. They pair perfectly with black shoes or brown. Unless your work specifically requires a black suit, or your heart is just dead-set on the look, we'd recommend starting off with a different color, like one of the 15 options below.

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  • f00lme0nce


    • Bob Aldrin

      It’s there, it points to a Charcoal suit.

  • Brian DeBano

    How about a black pinstripe? Different flowchart or the same?

  • Nick Guzan

    This flowchart should be required reading – love it!

  • Amos Kwon

    John Wick. Love it.

  • Shawn Brekke

    Man, I wish I would have had this when I was younger. Great stuff!

  • Justin Rogers

    This is hilarious but I think you have all the yes’ and no’s switched on the different colored suits part. I love the part with John Wick though! Classic flowchart everyone needs.

    • Andrew

      It’s intended to say: Do you own a: Navy suit? – yes -> Do you own a charcoal suit: – yes-> and on down the line until you get to one that you do not own and then – no -> goes to “do not buy a black suit”

      • Justin Rogers

        Ah that would do it as well! Still you’re able to follow the meaning behind it. Love the design of the flow chart, man. You do an awesome job with all of your graphics

  • txcon1

    Great article but my flowchart is simpler:

    Are you an undertaker? Yes = buy a black suit. No = do not buy a black suit

  • Joshua A.

    It could also include the question, “Are you a Mormon?” – Yes = Black suit. 😉