Live Action Getup: Anything But Neutral

A killer way to wear a t-shirt and jeans.

mens fashion inspiration white jeans tan tshirt green bomber jacket

The Getup: Anything But Neutral

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  • Reply August 22, 2017


    Awesome bomber jacket getup! Also am a big fan of the canvas sneaker but I can’t do white shoes, socks, or even t shirts much less white jeans. Just my opinion but white jeans are on my list of things men should never where. Again, just my personal preference. I also can’t do the no show socks. I rather invest in some arm and hammer and go barefoot in the sneakers than suffer the embarrassment of being at a party or gathering and having to take my shoes off to reveal ballerina slippers on my feet. Again, I like the getup idea but just can’t get behind these two trends.

  • Reply August 23, 2017

    Zac Silk

    I’m really liking the use of white jeans at the end of summer. It eases me back into the feel of denim for fall.

    For the life of me I’ve been looking for a bomber jacket in olive for a while as well. I’ll have to give Zara a shot.

    The camel shirt is really underrated I tried a camel henley with white jeans and I think it looks great.

  • Reply August 23, 2017


    I tried on that Zara bomber the other day and loved it! What size are you wearing? The Medium fell like a glove on me (5’9 / 155). What are your at the moment Andrew?

    • Reply August 24, 2017

      Zac Silk

      I’m 5″11 and that Zara medium will probably be the one I end up getting. I tried on their leather biker jacket from last season and that was a medium as well. Glad to hear you found a brand with such a good fit for you.

  • Reply August 23, 2017

    Serafin Nunez

    I always worry that those earthy tones make me look a little too much like “Combat Carl, Desert Edition”… The white does a nice job of demilitarizing the look.

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