Amazon Has a New House Line of Button Ups for $25

Amazon Has a New House Line of Button Ups for $25
Watch out Uniqlo - Amazon's new house line Goodthreads offers style essentials with 2 day shipping and free returns.

Thanks to Amazon, we don't really have to go the mall anymore. Ever since their big acquisition of online shoe retailer in 2009, Amazon has been bullish in the fashion game, and over the past few years, they've quietly launched several house clothing brands including shoe brand Franklin & Freeman, and suiting essentials Franklin Tailored for men. All of this is important, because with a Prime membership you get 2 day shipping and free returns if things don't fit or aren't what you expected.

This season, they've released a new line called GoodThreads, which offers the simple casual basics we all need – like the good ol' OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button Down).

The OCBD is an essential part of any man's wardrobe. It's the most versatile shirt in your closet and is a classic basic for any casual situation. The OCBD goes great with dress slacks, khakis, jeans, or even shorts, and almost any kind of shoe – sneakers, loafers, chukkas, work boots, dress boots – you name it. It's also a great way to make that blazer or tie a little more casual (check out our previous post in which we preached the virtues and versatility of the OCBD).

What's the deal with GoodThreads' OCBD? Well, it's available only to members of Amazon Prime, but it rivals the ever-popular Uniqlo OCBD in price and quality, while also boasting free two-day shipping and returns. The Uniqlo OCBD has a bit of a cult following on the web, known for it's quality and modern, slim fit, and is $30 at full price. The trouble with Uniqlo? A lot of guys don't have a local store, meaning they have to deal with the shipping scenario of a standard retailer.

The fabric of GoodThread's OCBD is mid-weight, so it's wearable year-round, and the construction is solid, with only simple and classic variants and patterns. The shirts come in either regular or slim fit (which is two inches slimmer in the chest and waist), though the regular-fit is already slimmer cut compared to your average shirt, so I'd suggest their slim-fit only for especially skinny guys. I had to return the slim fits I ordered.

In addition to classic oxfords, they also have chambray, an attractive large-scale check, a smaller scale two-tone check, and a banker-striped shirt.

A note about their chambray: it feels a bit lighter to the touch than your traditional chambray, but it still looks good. More of a standard twill feel. If you'd prefer a more robust chambray, you could simply go for their oxford in the darker indigo, or venture to Gap or Uniqlo for other options.

GoodThreads also offers a small collection of dress chinos, in both regular and slim fit. Straight-leg, flat-front, cotton stretch twill; rivaling similar pants from Gap (but at only $30 a pop).

Also exclusive to Amazon is their “Buttoned Down” label, which offers decent-quality dress shirts for about $39. They come in button-collar, spread-collar (a bit more of a spread than your run-of-the-mill semi-spread), and they're also cut in both regular and slim. Amazon's push into affordable private-label fashion is already taking off – research analysts predict that Amazon will surpass Macy's this year as America's largest apparel retailer. They even have plans to launch a line of workout clothes to rival activewear brands like Nike and UnderArmour, which we'll definitely be on the lookout for.

Wearing and acquiring basics should be simple and easy. If you're in need of some classic pieces (like the OCBD) and you'd rather not have to go sift through another men's section or break the bank, give Amazon's GoodThreads a shot.

Check out the full Goodthreads line on Amazon

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Zac Silk

    Thanks for giving us a breakdown of the new line of shirts Andrew. I didn’t realise they’ve added checks and chambray’s to their line.

    I’m one of those without a Uniqlo near me, so when this comes to the U.K I’ll definitely be jumping on it.

    I’ve always had the pain of choosing between slim and regular fits. Even to this day with Gap’s Oxford’s I’m not too sure which fit I am. Hopefully these new Amazon shirts l eliminate the problem and come even faster with prime, when they finally hit the U.K.

  • Thorin

    Dude you look short and bulky. You make those clothes look like shit, please hire a model for the photos.

    • Jakob


  • oobleck

    Great post Andrew. One of these days I’ll pull the trigger on a couple of these.

    I see many of the Goodthreads shirts, like that chambray number, don’t have button down collars. I assume there are no stay pockets on those, right? How do you find those keep their shape? Have you washed yours many times yet? I find I can’t tolerate collars that go astray anymore, and since I can’t be bothered with regular ironing I need button downs or stay pockets.

    • Zac Silk

      I’ve tinkered with the idea of adding buttons and slits to non button down shirts. I know it may not look as good, but I’m sure if you took it to a tailor and told them you wanted to fashion a button down collar, it may be possible.

    • rogun

      That’s just a matter of opinion. I’ve never cared for button-downs. They remind me too much of a mandarin collar.

  • Zach Stokes

    Now they just need to reup their stock so that I can actually order some.

  • Brian Short

    Actually surprised at this post. I usually agree with all of your fashion posts. I saw these shirts just a few weeks ago and was really excited, ordered a white oxford and instantly returned it. I did not think the fit was slim enough on these shirts, even though they claim to be slim. Seemed to be too baggy in the back for my taste, but I guess it’s all relative to what you like.

    • rogun

      Thanks for that! Uniqlo no longer has a true slim fit with their OCBD’s, so I was wondering.

      I much prefer JCF OCBD’s at this price point.

  • Joey Lenz

    These all look too long to wear untucked. Probably need a 2″ hem for your fit. Still not out of the question if that’s the only thing they need at this price.

  • Jakob

    Thanks for putting this out! I’ve been losing weight and trying to refine my look to a more professional one rather than the “scruffy grad-student” over the last several months. Finding decent-looking clothes during this process is tough because I’m apprehensive about spend too much on stuff that’ll be too big within a few months. Will definitely try one out!

  • Chris Fitzsimmons

    Bezos has plans to take over the world one day it seems. Tough to be that price point, wonder how there pants fit.

  • Eric L.

    These $25 slim fit button ups are a game changer for me. Waiting for Amazon to restock some mediums so I can order a couple more!

  • Serafin

    Bought the end on end in XL… It definitely fits more like an Old Navy slim (meaning not slim at all)…

  • James Cagney

    Definitely on the smaller size and the oxfords are really hard to get the wrinkles out. Still worth a shot at 25 bucks a pop