Suede for Spring: The (Dressier) Chukka Boot

Thursday Boot Company Honey Scout

Warmer weather demands lighter footwear. And not just in weight and material, but in color too.

Fall and winter are full of dark-as-night selvedge denim, blacks and grays, and deep rich colors. But these choices don’t hold up to the demands of warmer weather – both because they look out of place in the more colorful seasons but because functionally they take a sweltering situation and make it worse. Swampy summer boot feet = no bueno.

So if you’re a Red Wing kind of guy and you’re starting to panic because the mercury is rising, fear not. I have a great option to slip in to replace them.

Light suede is the perfect warmer month boot, most obviously because they’re a terrible winter boot. When you’re pounding through town with slush and snow on the ground, the last thing you want to wear is a pair of suede boots. Best case scenario the damp conditions just alter the color – worst case they get destroyed.

But where it fails in snow, light suede shines when the sun is out. Since everything from our shirts, denim, and chinos start to transition to lighter, softer colors, your dark chunky Red Wings will begin to look out of place.

Lighter suede chukkas like these beautiful honey boots from Thursday Boot Company are the perfect middle ground between a dressier Wolverine Thousand Mile boot you’d wear in the fall and the casual Clarks Desert Boot. Made with Goodyear construction, glove leather interior, cork-bed midsoles and studded rubber outsoles, the Honey Scout is built to perform while staying comfortable for your active warm weather days. Just like a great boot from Red Wing, Wolverine or Chippewa, the lower, dressier profile and sole means a ton of versatility whether you’re heading for a casual cocktail or a big presentation with a client.

Pair with light denim and tapered chinos in colors like blue, green, and medium gray. Watch out for your khaki colors – I’d only opt for those in the lighter shades, while these will look great in September with dark denim, dark tans and browns won’t mix as well.

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