Live Action Getup: A Show and Some Drinks

Live Action Getup: A Show and Some Drinks
Dressing casual doesn’t mean you have to look lazy. Here we use a simple dark scheme with minimalist items to create a well-dressed, but not dressed up look perfect to head out in the evening.
What to wear to a show and some drinks

What to wear to a show and drinks

DSTLD Leather Bomber J.Crew chukka Mont Blanc Cologne happy socks Skagen wallet Daniel Wellington Watch Kohls henley Target Mens Skinny Jeans Primer Instagram
What to wear to a show and drinks - men's casual outfit ideas - black jeans brown boots - leather bomber jacket

leather bomber, shown Zara, similar: DSTLD, $300 / henley: Kohls, $20 / black denim: Target, $30 / watch: Daniel Wellington, $82 / desert boots: J.Crew, $158

Surprisingly, one of the things guys have the hardest time with is their intentional, casual style. A sportcoat with some boots will always look great, but sometimes it can be a little too classic, like when heading to a music show and grabbing drinks with your friends. For a more casual, street style outfit that is super easy to put together, opt for a dark color palette. The henley is a smarter alternative to a regular t-shirt because of the visual texture it provides to the otherwise very minimalist outfit.

Don't fear mixing blacks and browns: when done thoughtfully, like with the boots and watch, it's clear you know what you're doing.

best downtown la cocktails Baldoria

One of Baldoria's temporary cocktails: bacon washed rye, 70 proof cynar, fino sherry, punt e mes 😍

Best pizza in dtla - Baldoria Arts District Los Angeles

Baldoria's Hot Mama pizza made with jalapeño chicken sausage, sweet peppers, and avocado creme fraiche

men casual black outfit - bomber henley black jeans brown boots

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Eric L.

    Very smart blend of blacks and browns!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Eric!

  • Chris

    Right up my alley. Love this

    • Andrew

      Awesome! 🙂

  • Zac Silk

    Really like the leather jacket and it adds an edge to the look. I’ve been wearing a lot of black jeans lately with a henley and i see to already be wearing a version of this getup a lot.

    I don’t take too much notice of the black and brown rule thanks to Primer. They can look really good together casually as evidenced in this look.

    • Andrew

      Nice! 🙂

  • Zac Silk

    How do you feel about quilting on jacket Shane? I’ve never had a leather jacket with the shoulders padded like that. Do you think it adds to the look?

    • Shane

      Hey Zac! I think It gives it a little bit of an edgier vibe, a little more motorcycle jacket feel.

      • Zac Silk

        Thanks Shane! Do you think if it has the quilting it can be desssed up, say with an Oxford shirt? I’m looking to increase my leather jacket collection.

  • Ross

    Again, can we not feature skinny or super tight pants? Slim is one thing but honest, skinny or really tight pants like these are not comfortable or flattering, so why do we go with the narrowest pants we can possibly find? What happened to the trend of wearing pants that actually fit?! Again love slim and tailored pants that flatter my body type but there’s nothing flattering about the fit of pants like these! I don’t care what the trends say is popular! It’s a trend that needs to go away and fast!

    • Corey

      I wouldn’t call those skinny or super tight at all. Those jeans look like they fit perfectly.

    • Matt

      Yep, totally disagree. They fit his body type and style perfectly. Very flattering. You also could definitely go even slimmer than this, and yes that would probably be too much.

      • Ross

        I get that I’m in the minority now. And we will have to agree to disagree but come on, how can you not call those skinny jeans when you can see the shape of his calves?

  • rogun

    Nice getup! Also nice to see the black/brown rule debunked.

    • Andrew


  • Joseph Padilla

    AMEN to mixing black and brown leathers! If anything, the mix keeps the outfit interesting. I have a caramel leather backpack and I don’t mind mixing it with my black/ink navy lackets.

    And a leather bomber? You KNOW I’ll love that!

  • Tone

    What necklace is that

    • Andrew

      It’s a dog whistle necklace, you can find similar ones on Etsy.

  • Andrew

    is there a link for the zara jacket?

  • Jack

    Only thing I would have changed is the jeans. Would have much preferred a dark blue than the black. Otherwise, great outfit imo

    • Andrew

      That’s an easy swap!

  • Tyler

    Cheaper alternatives to the jacket anyone?

    • Andrew

      DSTLD also makes cotton and nylon versions of that jacket I believe.

  • Barry B

    Surprise to not see the silver necklace referenced it pulls the fit together

  • Serafin

    Bought the shirt from Kohl’s… leans a bit too dark charcoal compared to the grey in the Live Action images.

  • Hagareno

    Love it. Needed an outfit idea for my jacket. Would highly recommend trying this henley:

    • Andrew

      Nice! Thanks for the rec!

  • James Baxter

    Great outfit! Just the right amount of edgy, modern, hip, taste, and style.

  • Kgomotso Boshomane

    Good day Andrew,

    My wife is envious of your site and asked that I suggest you consider setting up a similar platform for women.

    The Getup’s you and your team assemble are in my opinion the best I have come across, and I have trolled the net at length.


    Follower from South Africa

    • Andrew

      Wow thanks so much Kgomotso, I really appreciate that! 🙂

  • rhone04

    No brainer, looks good on almost any men 🙂