The Ultimate Lightweight Blazer

The Ultimate Lightweight Blazer
This time of year, look great without overheating.

There’s no time of year better for men’s style than when the mercury starts to drop. Long pants mean we can finally bust our boots back out. Add some more layers for some inspired outfits. And throw on a blazer in the evening without everyone asking, “aren’t you super hot?”

But, we’re not quite there yet. And if you’re a gent in one of the country’s stubbornly warmer areas, the notion of wearing a traditional blazer isn’t just out of the question, it’s offensive.

Even in Southern California, our temperatures this time of year are unbelievably erratic. Last week it was 109 degrees. No joke. This week it’s been down in the 60s in the mornings and evenings. There’s a name for this: Shoulder seasons. That time when it’s not one season but it’s not fully another yet.

I love wearing blazers. It makes a statement without being distracting. It’s an easy way to balance wearing a good pair of nice boots, if you’re going somewhere like a cocktail bar. Specifically, I have a deep affinity for tweed, thick wool, and other textured options – they pair well with dark denim and are easier to wear casually than, say, a traditional smooth wool blazer.

This time of year, however, I’m left opting for a denim jacket due to its light weight, a 100% great and Primer Approved look for sure, but certainly different than what a blazer provides. And if you’re wearing a raw denim jacket like the one I have from Levi’s, you can forget about wearing your favorite selvedge denim. The “Canadian Tuxedo” and all that.

That’s why I was surprised and excited to find this incredibly thin blazer at Uniqlo that still maintains the silohuette and sleek look of a thicker jacket, but is so lightweight. It’s way less than even a denim jacket.

Uniqlo Comfort Jacket

Completely unlined, this blazer is a part of Uniqlo’s “Dry” line, meaning it is equal parts performance gear and smart casual. It’s cut just right to wear with a pair of jeans, or dressed up like with these textured gray chinos, that it stops just being a band-aid for those frustrating temperatures but a legit option whenever you want to rock a blazer.

That also means it’s a 70-30 polyester/cotton blend, as a lot of performance gear is, but don’t think that means this jacket swishes and wrinkles and doesn’t lay right. It feels somewhere between a traditional blazer and a nice sweatshirt, though its awesome appearance and drape isn’t compromised.

The small fit great right off the rack, no tailoring required for me. I’m usually a 38R jacket, hopefully that will help you narrow down which size you need.

If you’ve been searching for a casual blazer option that you can wear comfortably when it’s still a smidge warm, you’d be hard pressed to find a better or more affordable option. It comes in 4 colors – charcoal, black, navy, and gray. Ringing up at only $60, it’s a no-brainer.

Check out the Uniqlo Comfort Jacket.

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