12 Beautiful Wallets Made in North America

12 Beautiful Wallets Made in North America
Ditch the faux leather department store monster and carry your cash and cards with pride.
American made wallets

A man’s wallet says a lot about him. It should be sleek, slim, and well-made. When it comes to material, leather is by far your best bet as it will gain character with age and can withstand a solid beating. In terms of construction, you can’t beat handcrafted. Most of the options below are created in small batches which allows for slight variations from piece to piece. The added character and attention to detail is something to cherish. These aren’t your normal, everyman wallets. They are accessories that grow with you, developing overtime. Check out these beautiful American made wallets.

All of these wallets are made in the USA or Canada. Hopefully, they’ll also give you a little added motivation to fill them up with greenbacks. Pick one up and keep your revenue close at hand.

TGT Wallet

TGT – Americana 2.0 – $36

This unique USA made wallet is made out of custom made yarns and elastics and supple lambskin. An elastic sleeve provides constant tension and easy access to credit cards, while the leather pocket stores folded bills. The result is a great wallet with a small and slim footprint. TGT (pronounced “Tight”) still remains Kickstarter's most successful wallet campaign.

Leatherworks wallet

Leather Works Minnesota – Capital Wallet – Oxblood – $68

These wallets are handmade just outside of Saint Paul and continue to get better with age. The owners, Kent and Lee Begnaud, couldn’t be nicer, too – and they stand by their products.

Rogue Industries

Rogue Industries – Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet – $50

A bit different, this option features a unique shape specifically designed for carry in your front pocket. Rogue Industries utilized the tough hide of a moose on this one while also implementing RFID blocking technology. That means your cards are protected from identity theft and unwanted access.

Popov leather wallet

Popov Leather – Pilsner Chromexcel Card Holder – $35

These wallets are hand made up in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. The minimalist design keeps bulk down while the added option of monogramming creates something more unique than the last wallet you bought at Macys. You also get options for which thread color you want, which makes it a standout on the list. Even if you opt for the additional monograming charge, this wallet is still affordable.

Bison Made iPhone wallet

Bison Made – Iphone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wallet – Cognac – $95

For those that prefer to keep their phone and cash together, this option is for you. Bison Made makes all leather products, which means no glue or rubber used, and their stuff is all handcrafted in the USA. That will get you a one-of-a-kind product with personality and craftsmanship to boot.

Tagsmith Originals wallet

Tagsmith Originals – Leather Flat Wallet – $48

Handmade in Los Angeles by one man, Tagsmith Originals products are classic and minimalist. This card case made of top grade American tanned bridle leather has 2 pockets which will fit 10 bills and 4 cards.

Friday and River wallet

Friday & River – Tecolote Wallet – Sumie – $75

Looking for something a little different? This guy gets some added style points. Constructed from a single piece of leather, the Sumie wallet by Friday & River draws inspiration from classic Japanese calligraphy. What’s more, it’s meant to patina with use in order to reflect the lifestyle of each individual.

Made Solid wallet

Made Solid – Classic Card Sleeve – $50

This card sleeve is made in LA from one piece of stiff leather, and is held together with a single rivet. It will begin to show some give and develop creases; much like your favorite jeans it just gets better and better.

Wood and Faulk wallet

Wood & Faulk – Continental Wallet – Black – $110

If you find yourself needing a lot of daily carry items, say because you’re a jet-setting playboy, then you need a continental wallet. These Portland-made wallets are similar to the more traditional breast pocket billfolds and can be stored in a suit pocket, carry-on luggage, or the passenger seat of your car.

Hillside wallet

The Hill Side – Wool Blend Blanket Stripe Bifold – $105

If you don’t know The Hill Side by now, allow this to be a formal introduction. Founders (and brothers) Emil and Sandy Corsillo are obsessed with fabrics in the best possible way. This wallet features a blanket striped wool sourced from Japan with an Italian cowhide construction, all put together in NYC. Even better? It’s on sale.

Saddleback Leather wallet

Saddleback Leather – Sleeve Wallet -$23

The famed maker of coveted briefcases also makes affordable, minimalist USA-made sleeve wallets. It can hold up to 12 cards and a small fold of cash, and has a thumb slot in the bottom to easily push items out. It's a simple design and the most affordable on the list.

Willy & Wade wallet

Willy and Wade – Leather + Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip – $45

When you have room for unnecessary items, you’re more likely to keep unnecessary items. Instead, opt for something that forces you to live a simpler life, like this hand crafted wallet. Made in Ohio of famed Horween leather and lined with wool. For $10 more, a moneyclip can be added to the back.


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  • Reply June 1, 2016


    I’ve been using the TGT American every day for the past 2-3 years, and it has held up remarkably well. The only minor gripe I might have is sometimes its a pain keeping a bunch of small bills organized, but thats more on me than the wallet.

  • Reply June 1, 2016


    Made in Charleston by hand and absolutely quality and stunning, give a shout to my man Erik who makes J. Stark


  • Reply June 1, 2016

    Matt Gonzalez

  • Reply June 1, 2016


    What color is that Popov wallet? I like the deep brown your picture shows, but don’t see a match on the Popov website. Thanks!

  • Reply June 1, 2016

    Jesus Gonzalez

    It looks like the link to the Popov wallet doesnt match the picture that has both the card holder and the smaller pocket. I believe the correct link would be this one?


    • Reply June 1, 2016


      Thanks Jesus, I’ve got that updated!

  • Reply June 1, 2016


    I love Saddleback products, but the company is quite open about the fact that their production is in Mexico. Each item is tagged, “Made in Old Mexico”.

  • Reply June 1, 2016

    Joey Lenz

    Another Chicago made option that I am using:


  • Reply June 1, 2016


    Any LA readers should check out Deakin Handmade as well! http://www.deakinhandmade.com/

  • Reply June 1, 2016

    browneagle44 ロベルト

    I’ve had a Saddleback bifold for three years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The Hill Side wallet is looking so damn tempting, though.

  • Reply June 1, 2016

    Alex Bear

    I made the one below out of burgundy Horween leather to hold my Field Notes. I used a couple of online tutorials an filled in the rest with some YouTube videos.

    I have found when I make something like a belt (that I used some hints from a post Primer wrote) or a wallet, I spend a lot less time in the future looking at those items for sale since they mean so much to me.

    Lastly I felt I would do a disservice to Kansas City if I didn’t mention Sandlot Goods made here, also using Horween Leather.

    • Reply June 1, 2016

      Alex Bear

      Also I didn’t mean for those photos to show up so large, gross. Sorry, I didn’t see a way to edit that.

  • Reply June 1, 2016


    I own the Popov wallet in merlot and I get compliments on it quite often. Great purchase and much better than the Herschel Supply Co. one it replaced.

  • Reply June 2, 2016


    I bought the Tagsmith wallet 4 years ago after it was featured on PrimerMag. Leather is all broken in, and is nice and supple. Would definitely recommend.

  • Reply June 6, 2016


    The Hillside wallet looks amazing. I’ve owned a couple Friday & River wallets and they are always conversation pieces.

  • Reply June 8, 2016


    Mitchell Leather’s money clip wallet is amazing.


  • Reply August 17, 2016

    Paula Gray

    Wow!! Amazing wallets that all are, if you want the designer inspired wallets then visit on this link http://camowestern.com/wallets/.

  • Reply October 18, 2016

    Paula Gray

    Fabulous collection of wallets, I liked it all. But their prices is too costly, recently i have purchased Fashionable Wallets for my wife. She loved that and want out explore more wallets and purses from them, which suits every thing as color, design, layout, etc on a need-able budget.

  • Reply October 10, 2017


    I know this is a super late entry, but I thought I’d share a brand that I’ve had great luck with. Thirteen50 Leather out of California. Their leather is outstanding, products well made, and their prices are great. Plus, each time I have ordered from them, they have shipped very quickly- from California to Michigan, my orders have all arrived within 2-3 days. https://www.thirteen50leather.com/collections/wallets

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