Designer to Deal: Early Fall

Affordable Men's Style 2015

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  • Rt1583

    Keep an eye on Banana Republic for a top coat also. They generally have something on offer every year and if you’re patient enough you can get it for 40% at one of their many sales.

  • Jeff H

    Men’s Warehouse regularly has 50-60% off top coats. I picked up a really nice charcoal Calvin Klein coat for $220 or so a few seasons back.

  • techorama

    So….errr…what makes the Tom Ford sneakers so amazing?

    • Andrew

      Beats me!

      • Chris Eyestone

        Wondering the same – maybe just the TF name itself!

  • Dennis Swender

    Are “boat shoes” cool for fall? I finally found some Sebagos that fit my wide foot. How do socks work with boat shoes?

    • Andrew

      Boat shoes can work in fall. Generally people say to never wear socks with boat shoes, but that’s usually with shorts. If you’re wearing them with pants, more like loafers, it may work.

      • Dennis Swender

        today we are sockless.
        I may get some of those really low cut socks – I hear they help with sweat.

    • Dave S

      Harder to pull of but a darker brown would work with denim. If it’s too cold to go sockless think about some thicker, textured socks in a wintery shade like grey or brown. I tend to pack up my Sperry’s when it gets too cold. The topsider sneaker is a good replacement

    • Duke Pandzic

      I wear boat shoes and socks all the time with pants. The only exception is typically the summer. I usually wear some sort of dress sock with them to work, works well with a lighter business casual environment.

  • Max K

    stay away from J Shoes like the plague- better options at that price point

    • bhoe

      Could you elaborate on your experience and the other options you mention? I’ve never heard of J shoes, but like the slightly dressier aspects on the design.

      • Max K the shoes on the right are the same color- but came in different. the construction are poor- sole is glued on. If you want the ones on left or far right- you can have them cheap from me if you can stomach the plague LOL-

  • Kev

    Anyone know if those Ralph Lauren chukkas are any good? I’m on a college student budget, and I was originally planning to save up for a pair of Clark’s Original Desert Boot in Beeswax. How is the quality of the Ralph Lauren’s compared to the Clark’s?

    • John

      Keep your eyes on Amazon and you can get Clarks Bushacre Desert Boots in Beeswax for less than the price of the Ralph Lauren’s. Had my Clarks for a few years and love them.

      • Andrew

        That’s a good find!

    • Josh Dreyer

      Also a great place to find Clarks–Nordstrom Rack or DSW. Usually can find sale! I’m heading toward the purchase of these grey leather:

      • Andrew

        Ohhhhh I like those!

  • Cody Martin

    Is anyone else having trouble finding combatgent’s topcoat? The link sends you to a blank page, and its not in their site directory anymore.

    • Andrew

      Looks like maybe it sold out. Bummer.

  • Daniel

    Doesn’t a topcoat (overcoat) make you look shorter if you’re less than 6′ tall?

    • Andrew

      Like a lot of things, it has to do with proper fit and proportion. If it fits correctly it’s not going to make you look anything but sharp.

  • Serafin Nunez

    Nice job! This guy on a teacher’s budget is very appreciative.

  • Duke Pandzic

    Easy to wear Chinos that are comfortable and actually surprisingly durable are American Eagle. No major logos showing and can be thrown into the washer and dryer with no worries. Not the dressier but a great casual pair. I have them in various colors. These are a bit more budget friendly especially if you catch them on sale.