It’s Friday … Have a Drink: Pisco Negroni

Pisco Negroni cocktail
It’s Friday … Have a Drink: Pisco Negroni
Our weekly recommendation.

This drink is exactly what the title says it is: it’s a Negroni made with pisco instead of gin. It’s an interesting twist on a deservingly classic drink. Pisco’s distilled from grapes, and it really does have an interesting, musty, grape-skin kind of scent to it. The flavor works well here, mixing with the sweetness of the vermouth and the liqueur.

I’m also using Aperol instead of Campari, which I do quite often. The two liqueurs have very similar flavor profiles, but Aperol’s less aggressive. Since Punt e Mes, the vermouth I used on this particular occasion, is relatively bitter, I figure that made sense.

Traditionally a Negroni is equal parts of all three ingredients, but I like to go a little bit heavier on the base spirit.

Combine all ingredients in a pint glass over ice and stir thoroughly. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

This article is a modified and enhanced version of a post that ran on my nightly cocktail blog, DrinkShouts.

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