It’s Friday … Have a Drink: Cabaret Variant

cabaret cocktail variant recipe
It’s Friday … Have a Drink: Cabaret Variant
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Recently I found myself wanting to make something with gin while avoiding dry vermouth – so many gin cocktails seem to be variations of “it’s a dry Martini with some extra stuff added” and I wanted to do something different. I stumbled upon a recipe for a variant of the Cabaret and, after tweaking the proportions a bit, found something I liked. It’s much drier than a Martinez, but much sweeter than a dry Martini. Perfect!>

I bought a couple perfume atomizers and have filled them with pastis and Green Chartreuse. This makes rinsing glasses with either ingredient mildly less annoying and substantially less wasteful (plus you can give the drink one last spritz after pouring for added aroma). Considering the things go for all of five bucks a pop on Amazon, they’re not a bad investment. An aromatic rinse can really add to a drink’s character!

Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with pastis. Combine gin, Dubonnet and bitters in a pint glass over ice and stir thoroughly. Strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

This article is a modified and enhanced version of a post that ran on my nightly cocktail blog, DrinkShouts.

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